Mario Kart Tour – Land 5 hits with Bananas in a Single Race


New Challenges have arrived in Mario Kart Tour. One of them is to land five hits with bananas in a single race. It sounds like a tough one, but if you have the right combination of driver and course, you should be able to wrap it up quickly, if you get lucky.

Mario Kart Tour – Land 5 hits with Bananas in a Single Race

The best driver to use for this particular challenge is Yoshi. Yoshi’s Frenzy allows you to fire out Yoshi Eggs rapidly. The Eggs contain random items, including bananas. Yoshi can get three items, and as such a Frenzy, on the following courses:

  • Rock Rock Mountain
  • Yoshi Circuit
  • Yoshi Circuit T

Another great driver to do the Challenge with is Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong’s special item is the Banana Barrel, which will launch bananas all over the race course. Diddy Kong is best used on the following courses, as he can get a Frenzy on them:

  • Dino Dino Jungle R
  • Toad Circuit R
  • Rock Rock Mountain R

Donkey Kong can get the Giant Banana item, which will split into three bananas when you used it. Donkey Kong can get a Frenzy on the following courses:

  • Dino Dino Jungle
  • Rock Rock Mountain

As long as you have any of those drivers, this should be pretty easy to challenge to finish up. If you don’t, it’s a good idea to hold onto your Coins until one of the shows up in the Daily Selects, and you can buy them.