Marvel Snap deckbuilding guide – How to build decks in Marvel Snap

Build a deck your way so you can snap all day.

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Marvel Snap’s roster of iconic characters each have their own unique strengths and talents. Every card that you can use in the game also has its own specific abilities that are classified into different categories. But with so many to choose from, building a deck can often become an overwhelming task. To make it easier for you, here’s our guide on how you can build decks in Marvel Snap.

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Deck builds in Marvel Snap

Decks in Marvel Snap are made up of 12 different cards from the current collection that you have. You can gain more cards by continually playing, gathering credits, and leveling up the rarity of your collection. Alternatively, you can also use Gold to purchase specific character variants in the game’s shop although this is the more expensive option.

If you’re just starting out, the most important thing to remember is to build a deck consisting of cards which complement each other’s abilities. For example, one of the earliest high cost cards that you can get and build around in the game is Odin.

Screenshot via Marvel Snap Zone

Odin has a power level of eight and his skill re-activates the On Reveal abilities of your other cards in the same location. A deck consisting of other On Reveal cards, such as any member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, would make great use of his particular talent.

Another example is a deck that’s focused around cards with Destroy abilities. Although the idea does sound counterintuitive, Marvel Snap has plenty of cards that work well even when your other characters are destroyed.

Screenshot via Marvel Snap Zone

A few examples with Destroy abilities that can be acquired early on include Wolverine and Apocalypse. Wolverine’s ability allows him to return to the field in a random location if he’s either discard or destroyed. On the other hand, Apocalypse’s ability allows him to gain +4 Power whenever he gets discarded from your hand. Characters that complement his talents include Lady Sif and Sword Master because their skills both remove cards that you’re currently holding.