Marvel Snap deck tier list – The best decks in Marvel Snap

So many cards to learn.

Screenshot via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

As with most card games, players need to familiarize themselves with most cards to succeed in Marvel Snap. Since there are numerous cards in the game, it can be hard to formulate the right deck which will serve players in the long run. Hence, we’ve put together a tier list ranking every Card in Marvel Snap, which should help players rise up the rankings.

There are three pools in the game, each containing several cards. The tables below rank cards from each pool separately.

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Pool 1 Tier List

SAngela, Elektra, Enchantress, Nightcrawler, Jessica Jones, Blue Marvel, Ka-zar, Odin, Iron Man
AArmor, Blade, Cable, Captain America, Kraven, Squirrel Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Ant-Man, Wolfsbane, White Tiger, Ironheart
BAngel, American Chavez, Bishop, Cable, Heimdall, Korg, Multiple Man, Iron Fist, Spider Woman, Onslaught, Moon Girl, Klaw, Strong Guy, Sentinel, Spectrum, The Punisher, Star Lord
CApocalypse, Carnage, Cosmo, Professor X, Nova, Rocket Raccoon, Scarlet Witch, Mister Sinister, Doctor Strange, Hulkbuster, Deathlok, Forge, White Queen, Morph, Mantis, Lady Sif, Hawkeye, Medusa, Sword Master, Yondu, Mister Fantastic
DWolverine, Namor, Groot, Domino, Uatu the Watcher, The Thing, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Misty Knight, Abomination, Lizard

Pool 2 Tier List

SThe Collector, Jubilee, The Infinaut,
AOkoye, Agent 13, Storm, Vulture, Iceman, Cloak, Shang-Chi
BNakia, Sunspot, Hobgoblin, Vision, Bucky Barnes
CLeech, Warpath, Swarm, Ebony Maw, Morbius
DScorpion, Sabertooth, Rhino

Pool 3 Tier List

SLockjaw, Magik, Mister Negative, Sera, Wave, Rescue
ABeast, Death, Colleen Wing, Doctor Doom, Dracula, Electro, Ghost Rider, Giganto, Goose, Hazmat, Human Torch, Leader Mojo, Maximus, Mojo, Moon Knight, Mysterio, Mystique, Wong, Thor
BBlack Panther, Captain Marvel, Crossbones, Dagger, Deadpool, Destroyer, Falcon, Gambit, Hela, Hell Cow, Invisible Woman, Magneto, Patriot, Quinjet, Rockslide, Hood, Spider-Man, Venom, Viper, Zero, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Psylocke, Black Widow, Jane Foster,
CAdam Warlock, Aero, Arnim Zola, Blackcat, Cystal, Cerebro, Debrii, Drax, Juggernaut, Kingpin, Polaris, Omega Red, Red Skull, Typhoid Mary, Black Bolt, Taskmaster, Ronan
DAgatha Harkness, Baron Mordo, Brood, Ultron, Quake, Wasp, Yellowjacket

Best decks to use in Marvel Snap

There are countless combinations you can make to put together a deck in Marvel Snap. That said, we’ve listed two decks that you can utilize in the game.

Beginner Deck

  • Angela, Cable, Groot, Hawkeye, Odin, Mantis, Nightcrawler, Scarlet Witch, White Queen, White Tiger, Wolfsbane

The majority of the cards in the deck are easy to acquire since they are from pool 1. The deck revolves around on-reveal effects where you need to set it up across two positions and use Odin as the main centerpiece. 

Advanced Deck

  • Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Deadpool, Death, Deatlhlok, The Hood, Hulbuster, Killmonger, Nova, Taskmaster, Wave

This deck is all about self-destruction and quickly taking down the opponent’s card off the table. The main idea is to destroy the opponent’s card, which increases your hero’s point, ultimately summoning Death. Furthermore, cards such a Hood and Venom will help you close out with their impressive damage.