Marvelous Merchandise event guide – Genshin Impact

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The Marvelous Merchandise event is returning to Genshin Impact. During the Marvelous Merchandise event, a wandering trader called Liben will appear in the game. You will need to bring him a different resource that he is looking for each day, and in return will get to pick from assorted boxes.

Liben will appear in random places on the map, so this event mostly revolves around trying to track him down, then farming up whatever resource that he is looking for. Doing so will give you a chance to open a Box o’ Marvels that contains some goodies.

You will need to be Adventure Rank 12 or higher to take part in the event.

Event start and end date

The event will begin on April 17 at 10:00 server time and will run until April 23 at 03:59 server time.

The Genshin Impact Server Time is not the same on every server, as the content has a global release. The default server time is 04:00, and you can figure out your exact server time below.

  • America: UTC-5
  • Europe: UTC+1
  • Asia: UTC+8
  • TW, HK, MO: UTC+8

Where to find Liben

Liben can be found on the left side of the main gate in Mondstadt. He no longer move around and will be here all the time.

How the Marvelous Merchandise event works

  • Liben will offer Travelers a total of 7 different Boxes o’ Marvels. Each box can only be obtained once.
  • Players can only gain one chance per day to open a Box o’ Marvels. If the chance to open a box for the day is not used, it will remain available until the event ends.
  • If necessary, Players can use all of their chances at once anytime before the event ends.
    Once the event is over, any unused chances to open Boxes o’ Marvels will be lost.
  • The resources that players will need to gather up each day can be different, depending on their story progression.

Check back on this article regularly, as we will be doing our best to track down Liben and keep a live update of his location.