Metroid Dread: How to defeat Robot Chozo Soldiers

These gold and silver mini-bosses are no joke.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Samus Aran has to overcome many threats in Metroid Dread, and the killer EMMI robots aren’t even the only mechanical ones in her way. After you’ve paid a visit to Ferenia, Robot Chozo Soldiers will start making appearances in certain rooms all across Planet ZDR. These remnants of Quiet Robe’s forces are dangerous, so you’re going to want to know how to take them down.

First off, note that there are two kinds of Robot Chozo Soldier: gold and silver. While you’ll use the same tactics for both mini-bosses, the gold version is much heartier — it took roughly 60 standard Missiles before the first one went down. Missiles and Charge Beam shots are the only things that damage their metallic bodies, and Missiles are preferable given they have no wind-up.

As for the Robot Chozo’s attacks, they have a good number that mirror Samus’ own abilities. There’s a three-shot burst that comes in at a decent pace, so be prepared to duck under or jump over them as they approach. The robot’s charged beam attack also seeks Samus out, but it moves much faster. These mini-bosses have melee attacks as well. Look for an opportunity to counter the horizontal swipe – you’ll get a nice batch of health and Missile ammo for stunning one of these baddies. You cannot counter their stronger, red-tinged vertical slice, though. Give yourself some serious distance to avoid that one. Keeping a good distance is advisable for the whole fight.

Robot Chozo Soldiers are hard to take down, but with enough persistence (and Missiles), you can come out on top. Fire off shots as often as you can, and be prepared to dodge all the highly damaging attacks.