Mimi Tomo Day 2 guide – Hilichurl Justice – sighting and translations – Unusual Hilichurl Location

Round 2.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Day 2 of the Mimi Tomo event is upon us in Genshin Impact, which means the Unusual Hilichurl is back at a new location. Players who go to the event page in their menus will discover a new quest under Sighting 2 called Hilichurl Justice that needs to be completed.

For the first step in the quest, players will need to head to the east of Jueyun Karst in Liyue, where the will find a yellow circle marking the location of a friendly Hilichurl who is willing to speak with you. He can be found near some rocks at the lower border of the yellow circle.

Speaking with him will reveal that he has been getting bullied by some nearby creatures, and he will ask for your help. A new waypoint will appear and you can head to the coast and take on some Geovishaps, followed by a bigger threat. Take them out, then return to the Hilichurl. He won’t know much, but can send you to someone who does.

The next location you need to visit is in Mondstadt, to the southwest of Fadaupa Gorge. Here, right on the edge of the trees near the cliff on the northwest border of the circle, you will find another Hilichurl. Once again, this little guy needs some help with a fight, so follow the new waypoint and take out the Treasure Hoarders. After the fight, head back to the Hilichurl and he will give you the location of the Unusual Hilichurl, along with a phrase “Unta Mosi Dada”.

You can check the Handbook to discover that this means the “most wonderful time between noon and sunset”. Make your way to the yellow circle marked on the map above Liyue, and set your in-game clock to about one in the afternoon, then take out the Unusual Hilichurl and grab your reward from the event page.