Minecraft – Best Mods & Tips For Playing Survival Without Monsters

Ditch the mobs.

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The thrilling experience of Minecraft Survival mode is what many players seek and enjoy. Surviving in its daunting worlds can be a tough challenge, even for the game’s veterans. Although monsters add another dimension to the gameplay experience, many might want to enjoy the game without them. While the vanilla game doesn’t offer an option to remove monsters completely, you can achieve a monster-free survival experience by using certain mods or adjusting game settings. Hence, we’re listing the best mods and tips for playing Minecraft survival without monsters.

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Best Mods For Playing Survival Without Monsters

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You can use the below-mentioned mods for a thrilling Minecraft experience.

  • PeacefulSurface: This mod prevents hostile mobs from spawning on the surface. It makes for a peaceful environment while still retaining the ability to explore caves and underground areas.
  • No Mob Spawning on Trees: As the name suggests, the mod prevents mobs from spawning on trees, making treehouses and elevated structures safe from potential monster spawns.
  • Mo’ Creatures: Mo’ Creatures is a popular mod that adds a variety of new animals and creatures to the game. While it does introduce new mobs, you can customize the configuration to disable the hostile ones, allowing you to enjoy the additional animal diversity without the threat of monsters.
  • Custom Mob Spawner: This mod allows you to customize mob spawning rates, locations, and types. You can use it to completely turn off the spawning of hostile mobs while maintaining other creature spawns.
  • Optifine: While not specifically a “no monsters” mod, Optifine improves Minecraft’s performance and graphics, which can enhance your peaceful survival experience.

General Tips For Playing Survival Without Monsters

  • Adjust Game Difficulty: Fortunately, using mods to remove mobs from the game is not necessary. You can set the game to “Peaceful” difficulty, which will prevent hostile mobs from spawning, ensuring a serene environment.
  • Prioritize Lighting: Even without monsters, lighting plays a crucial role. Prevent natural mob spawns by illuminating your surroundings. Use torches, lanterns, and other light sources to keep your surroundings safe.
  • Resource Alternatives: In a monster-free world, certain resources become scarcer due to the absence of mob drops. Trade with villagers, explore structures and seek out mods that introduce alternative methods of obtaining these items.