Minecraft – Crab vs Armadillo vs Penguin Mobs: Which is Better For Minecraft?

There’s a new mob coming to Minecraft, and you can vote on it. You have to choose between the Crab, Armadillo, or Penguins.

Image via Minecraft YouTube

When it comes to picking a new mob for Minecraft, it can be a tough choice. To help make the decision, the development team has left it in the hands of the community. They’ll have the chance to pick between adding Crabs, an Armadillo, or Penguins to Minecraft.

Each of these mobs brings something unique to the game, with Penguin being the friendliest mob, and the Armadillo comes with the addition of wolf armor, a long-awaited request from the Minecraft community. Which is better for Minecraft, adding the Crab, Armadillo, or Penguin mobs?

Should You Pick Crab, Armadillo, or Penguin for Minecraft Mob Vote 2023?

Image via Minecraft YouTube

You can make the decision on October 15, 2023, starting at 1 PM EST when the Minecraft Live vote happens. Everyone can submit one vote to pick the Crab, Armadillo, or Penguin, and you have 48 hours to make your decision, and the voting closes on October 17, 2023, at 1 PM EST.

When picking which of the three mobs you want to add to Minecraft, it all comes down to your preferences, and what you think will benefit the community as a whole. For those who have been asking about getting wolf armor for Minecraft, the Armadillo might have a huge boost for this one reason, but the Penguin and Crab also have extremely useful reasons for coming to the game. We’ve added the benefits for getting these creatures added to Minecraft, but ultimately, the choice comes down to you. I think the Armadillo might be the big winner, ahead of the votes.

All Crab Benefits in Minecraft

For those who pick the Crab, this mob brings its giant crab to the game. These creatures live in the Mangrove Swamps, and players can use the Crab’s claw as a way to reach hard-to-reach locations when building. This gives them extra room to place blocks in locations they usually couldn’t reach, making decorating throughout their Minecraft world easier.

All Armadillo Benefits in Minecraft

When picking the Armadillo, it’s a friendly creature that roams around the Savannah biome and other warm places in your Minecraft world. This is a creature that would drop Scute, a resource that a player can use to craft wolf armor, again, one of the biggest requests the Minecraft community has been making for years. Adding the Armadillo would be a huge benefit for players who want to use their wolves in combat and take them into battle with them.

All Penguin Benefits in Minecraft

Finally, we have the Penguin. Of the three mobs you can vote for, this is one of the friendliest. Penguins live in the Stony Shore biome. Although they are exceptionally fast and agile swimmers, they are rather clumsy when they get on land. A penguin can make it so your boat moves faster in the water, making traveling around your Minecraft world that much easier, and they’re also adorable baby penguins, which are always a plus.