Minecraft: How To Stop Pillagers From Spawning In Their Outpost

Take care of the pesky mobs.

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Minecraft is a vast and diverse world filled with adventures, creativity, and challenges. One of the challenges players often encounter is dealing with hostile mobs, and the notorious Pillagers are among the most formidable. Pillagers often spawn in their outposts, causing havoc and posing a threat to players and villagers alike. However, with the right measures, you can effectively prevent Pillagers from spawning in their outposts.

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What Are Pillagers Outposts?

Pillager outposts are structures in Minecraft that spawn naturally in the game world. They are typically made of wood and stone and are inhabited by Pillagers, Vindicators, and sometimes an Illager Captain. These hostile mobs are known for their aggressive behavior and tendency to attack players and villagers on sight. Pillagers will spawn in a 74x52x72-foot radius around an outpost in the Minecraft.

How To prevent Pillagers Spawn in Minecraft?

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If you are hell-bent on eliminating all the Pillagers and hoping, ultimately, they will stop spawning, you are in for a rough time, as they never stop spawning. Hence, you need to take care of their outpost and prevent Pillagers from spawning. To do so, light up the area around and inside the outpost. Use torches, lanterns, or other light-emitting blocks to ensure that the light levels are high enough to prevent mob spawns. This is because Pillagers continue to spawn until the light level is lower than 8.

You also need to replace all the Sand and Grass blocks around the outpost (74 radius) in each direction with any other block since Pillagers will continue to spawn even after you control the outpost.

Constructing walls or barriers around the outpost can significantly reduce the chances of Pillagers spawning. Use sturdy materials like stone, iron, or other hard-to-break blocks to create an impenetrable barrier. Ensure the walls are tall enough to deter Pillagers from easily scaling them. However, this is not a measure with guaranteed results.