Minecraft Legends: All Ore Types & Where to Find Them

Let’s get rich in ore.

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Finding materials is something that every Minecraft game is known for, and it is needed whether you decide to be a builder or just require some good weapons to defend yourself in combat. Ore is very important when making armor and weapons.

Materials in Minecraft Legends can be used to craft different things along your journey. As building does work differently in this game than in the original Minecraft. Instead, you build structures like bases and towers which help you defend villages. This guide will teach you where to find all the ore that you will need.

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Where to Find All Ore Types in Minecraft Legends

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Having materials as you play through Minecraft Legends is extremely important as you will quickly find yourself needing wood to build a staircase or bridge, or stone to build a tower. Without these things, it can hold players back in the game. Ore is a bit more tricky to find than wood and stone, so below is a list of each type of ore and where you can find them in Minecraft Legends.

  • Iron – Found in Fatelands, Forests, and also Dry Savannah biomes.
  • Coal – Found in Meadow and Badlands biomes.
  • Diamonds – Found in Tundra and Jagged Peaks biomes.
  • Redstone – Found in Swamp and Jungle biomes.

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Ore in Minecraft Legends helps you spawn different Golems as well as build a variety of structures that will help you in your battles against other mobs. Things like Redstone help to build spawners that spawn your Golems. Being sure to keep these ore materials on hand and collecting them as you see them is very important, as it will save you from getting into a bind later. Be sure to keep an eye out as you explore biomes for collectible materials.