What is the best hero in Minecraft Legends

So many options, but which is the best?

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Get ready to put your pickaxes down and your hands together for the best Minecraft hero in the land. With a universe full of perilous Pigglins and endless possibilities, it takes someone extraordinary to rise to the Minecraft Legends leaderboard. Who is this champion of the blocky world? Only the bravest, most cunning, and downright most astonishing hero around. Ready to find out who is the best Minecraft Legends character?

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What is the best Minecraft Legends hero?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Choosing the best Minecraft Legends character is all about personal preference. Yes, that means the one you like the most is the best, and no one can argue. Do you love the cool and mysterious skeleton? Perhaps you’re more into the mysterious, hooded hero? Though it will be a tough choice with the red-haired spell-casting witch waiting right there.

The beauty of Minecraft Legends is that there is no right or wrong answer when choosing your hero. Instead, you can pick the one that speaks to you the most, whether because of their appearance or just how they feel when you’re playing as them.

That being said, it’s worth noting that while the heroes may not impact gameplay, they can still make a big difference in terms of immersion. In addition, playing as a hero that you love and relate to can make the game feel even more exciting and engaging. In fact, It can help you feel more invested in your hero’s journey.

How to get a free skin in Minecraft Legends

While purchasing skins with real money is an option, there’s also a way to get your hands on a free skin. All you have to do is take on the Lost Legends challenge, aptly named Portal Pile Legend, and defeat those pesky Piglins who dare to threaten your village. It’s like taking candy from a Creeper — except, in this case, you get a Portal Buster Hero skin instead. Rally your friends, embark on a heroic quest to protect your village, and snag a new skin.