Minecraft Legends: How To Get Skeletons

Minecraft Legends players can summon Skeletons to do ranged damage, but first they will need to obtain the Skeleton Spawner.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Skeletons are an iconic enemy in Minecraft, with players often taken off guard by an arrow to the back while exploring. However, in Minecraft Legends, Skeletons are one of the most useful mobs you can command. They are a range-based mob, which means they can do a lot of damage from a distance, making them a valuable addition to your team. Here’s how to get and spawn skeletons so that you can unleash their power in battle.

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How to get Skeletons in Minecraft Legends

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To get skeletons in Minecraft Legends, you first need to find their village, usually in a Tundra biome. Mount your steady horse or hop on whichever mount you like. Once you find the village, free them from the clutches of the Piglins, who have trapped them. To do this, you must defeat the Piglins and other enemies in the area. Bring the best gear you’ve got to clear the area and avoid incoming attacks from the Piglins. Luckily for you, you just got your own ranged unit yourself.

How to craft Skeleton Spawner & Summon Skeletons in Minecraft Legends

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After defeating the Piglins, you can team up with the skeletons and unlock the skeleton spawner in Minecraft Legends. Now you can get it up and running anywhere you like as long as you’ve got the resources.

To craft a skeleton spawner, you must gather the required materials, including 2 diamonds, 2 lapis, and 1 Flame of Creation. Once you have crafted the spawner, you’ll need to spend more materials to summon the skeletons, including 25 wood, 25 stone, and 5 diamonds.

Once you have the skeletons on your side, they will be valuable in Minecraft Legends battles. They have the most extended range out of all the mobs, making them great support for your team. Skeletons are a versatile tool for causing mayhem and destruction, whether you need to take out hostile mobs, bash down walls, or bring Piglins to their knees.