MLB The Show 21: How to complete 8th Inning Bat Conquest and all hidden rewards

It’s not that kind of bat.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s Halloween season, which means fall weather and fall baseball. The MLB Postseason has arrived, and MLB The Show 21 players can get into the spirit of the season in Diamond Dynasty. The 8th Inning Program has arrived. That means new rewards and a new Conquest that dropped on October 15. So, what do you need to do to complete this Conquest? Let’s take a look.


Here’s a quick look at the map:

Screenshot from Gamepur

The shape of this map has a Halloween them to it, as it has the looks of a bat. And just like in every other Conquest map, you’ll need to take over all the territories and strongholds to complete it.

This map features eight MLB teams: the Giants, Orioles, Diamondbacks, Yankees, Mets, Padres, Tigers, and White Sox.

There are eight goals for this map, and those are as follows:

  • Goal 1 – Conquer 31 territories (reward is 50 Stubs)
  • Goal 2 – Acquire 99M fans (rewards are one MLB The Show 21 pack, 100 Stubs, and 100 XP)
  • Goal 3 – Capture two enemy strongholds (rewards are 250 Stubs, 250 XP, and Headliners Bundle Sets 1-22)
  • Goal 4 – Conquer 100 territories (rewards are Diamond Stadium Perk, 150 Stubs, and 200 XP)
  • Goal 5 – Capture four enemy strongholds (rewards are Headliners Bundle Sets 1-40, 250 Stubs, and 250 XP)
  • Goal 6 – Acquire 250M fans (rewards are Diamond Stadium Perk 200 Stubs, and 200 XP)
  • Goal 7 – Capture all strongholds (rewards are 1000 Stubs, 500 XP, and five MLB The Show 21 packs)
  • Goal 8 – Conquer all territories (rewards are 1000 Stubs, 750 XP, and Home Run Derby Choice Pack)

Here’s a look at all the hidden rewards in this map:

  • 8 MLB The Show 21 packs
  • 3 Headliners pack (1 2 pack Bundle)
  • 5 Ballin’ is a Habit packs
  • Kitchen Sink 2 Choice pack
  • Space Pack 3

This map is a part of the 8th Inning Program. MLB The Show users can obtain 35,000 XP for completing this Conquest.

This Conquest will expire on November 12.