MLB The Show 21: How to complete Milestone Miguel Cabrera Player Program

500 HRs for Miggy.

Screenshot from SDS

Out of all the players who have suited up in the Majors over the past 20 years, Miguel Cabrera stands among them as one of the best. The Tigers infielder accomplished what very few has throughout his career: a World Series championship, a two-time MVP, a Triple Crown, and now, 500 career home runs. “Miggy” hit his 500th career home run on August 22 in Toronto, and in commemoration of his historic dinger, SDS has released a new Milestone card in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show players can obtain a 99 OVR card of Cabrera, and some XP as well, through a new Player Program. But this program will be different, and let’s go over why.

How to complete Milestone Miguel Cabrera Player Program

To complete the Miguel Cabrera player program, you will need 65 Points. These points can be acquired by completing missions and moments. This program is not considered an Evolution one, but you can essentially consider it as such. There are three stages to this program, and in order to get past each stage, you will need to progress with points.

The three stages and their rewards are as follows:

Stage 1

  • Missions: None
  • Moments: Hit one home run, tally one hit (10 Points in total)
  • Rewards: 500 Stubs (5 Points), 75 OVR Rookie Miguel Cabrera (10 Points)

Note: Need 10 Points to move to Stage 2

Stage 2

  • Missions: Three HR with Marlins (Online), five hits with 75 OVR Cabrera, 10 total bases with 75 OVR Cabrera (15 Points)
  • Moments: One extra base hit, Get on base two times in a game, Six total bases in one game (15 Points)
  • Rewards: MLB The Show 21 standard pack (20 Points), 1995 Marlins Home Jersey and 1000 Stubs (30 Points), 87 OVR All-Star Miguel Cabrera (35 Points)

Note: Need 35 Points to reach Stage 3

Stage 3

  • Missions: 15 total bases with third baseman (online), five hits with 87 OVR Cabrera, five extra base hits with 87 OVR Cabrera (15 Points)
  • Moments: Get an RBI single, Hit one home run in a game, Tally one extra base hit, Recreate 500th home run (20 Points)
  • Rewards: MLB The Show 21 standard pack (x2) (40 Points), Diamond Bat Skin and 2500 Stubs (50 Points), MLB The Show 21 standard pack (x5) (60 Points), 99 OVR Milestone Miguel Cabrera (65 Points)

You won’t be able to access the moments until you complete the previous stage. For example, you won’t be able to access the Stage 2 moments until Stage 1 is done. Complete all three stages and acquire 65 Points, and you will be able to acquire the 99 OVR Miguel Cabrera.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Additionally, we should mention that if you manage to complete this program prior to August 27, you can earn 35,000 XP towards the 5th Inning Program. Go to the Collections in the 5th Inning Program screen, and find the Milestone Cabrera one. Insert the card, and you will get the XP and 1000 Stubs.