MLB The Show 21: How to complete the 2nd Inning Program Martian Conquest

Watch out for Trout.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On May 7, Sony San Diego officially launched the 2nd Inning Program in MLB The Show 21. And just like in the 1st Inning, Sony inserted a new, limited-time conquest into Diamond Dynasty for the 2nd Inning Program. So, what do you need to do in order to get this conquest done? Let’s go over the goals, plus the map and rewards for the 2nd Inning Program conquest.

To start off, let’s go over the map for this conquest:

Screenshot by Gamepur

The 2nd Inning Program has a space theme, so the conquest map is in the shape of a Martian alien’s face. Eight teams, in addition to your squad, are in this map. Here are the other eight teams:

  • Mets
  • Yankees
  • Dodgers
  • Angels
  • Cubs
  • White Sox
  • Astros
  • Rangers

There are nine goals for this conquests, and the goals are as follows:

  • Abduct (steal) 3M fans from opposing strongholds
  • Acquire 51M Fans in your area
  • Capture two Alien strongholds
  • Conquer 100 territories
  • Capture four Alien strongholds
  • Capture all Alien strongholds
  • Conquer all territories

Completing all seven goals will not only yield six MLB The Show 21 packs and a Ballin’ is a Habit pack, but also 25,000 XP towards the 2nd Inning Program. Additionally, we also found a few hidden MLB The Show 21 reward packs in several territories, so be on the lookout for those.

For this conquest, we have a few tips. First, go directly towards the strongholds, which are denoted by the team logo. Start off by acquiring some of the territories around your stronghold for protection, and then beef up one of those with Fans. Then, march towards one of the strongholds (we recommend the weak Texas Rangers) and start your rampage. Worry about the territories last, as those shouldn’t be too hard to take once the strongholds are taken down.

Second, make sure to steal some fans on the onset. You can take fans from opposing teams in the Steal Fans stage, and we highly recommend taking down of the eight teams on All-Star difficulty. Because you can steal 3M Fans on All-Star, you will only need to play and win one game in order to fulfill the first goal.

This conquest is slated to end on June 4.