MLB The Show 22: How to complete the Jet Stream Conquest and all hidden rewards

Fly into the Jet Stream for amazing rewards.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

It’s officially the midpoint of the season and the MLB The Show 22 Featured Program has once again refreshed the All-Stars of the Franchise Program and it will see you collect this year’s All-Stars. As with every new Featured Program we have a brand new Conquest map and Gamepur is here to help you hunt down all those hidden rewards, and give you some aid in scoring that 30,000 program XP.

This conquest map is reasonably large but only features six other teams. Those teams are The Mets, The Dodgers, the Guardians, The Astros, The Yankees, and The Cardinals. Here’s a view of the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s important to point out that this conquest map has a turn specific goal. You must attack the Mets’ Stronghold on the 1st turn. This is a simple goal; just push to the right and attack the base as soon as you can. Let’s dive into the goals for this map.

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Conquest Goals in Jet Stream

  • Goal 1 – Capture the New York Mets Stronghold on the first turn (rewards are Ballin is a Habit Pack, 350 Stubs, 400 XP)
  • Goal 2 – Acquire 50M fans (rewards are 1 show pack, 50 Stubs, 150 XP)
  • Goal 3 – Capture 3 enemy Strongholds (rewards are 1 Set 29 headliner pack, 500 Stubs, 550 XP)
  • Goal 4 Acquire 100M Fans (rewards are Fly Ball Icon, 150 Stubs, 300 XP)
  • Goal 5 – Capture all 6 enemy Strongholds (rewards are 5 The show Packs, 1000 Stubs, 1250 XP)
  • Goal 6 – Acquire 200M Fans (rewards are Bird of Prey Bat, 350 Stubs 600 XP)
  • Goal 7 Conquer all Territories and complete the Jet Stream map (rewards are 5 Ballin is a Habit packs, 1500 Stubs, 2000 XP)

This map has a treasure trove of hidden rewards. Both on top of Strongholds, and hidden within the map. Here’s a full breakdown of every hidden reward on this map.

Hidden rewards in Jet Stream

  • Ballin is a Habit Pack on top of the Mets Stronghold.
  • 1 the show pack directly south of the Mets stronghold.
  • Ballin is a Habit Pack on top of the Guardian Stronghold.
  • 5 Show packs on top of the Astros Stronghold.
  • 1 The Show pack on the lowest point of the top section.
  • Ballin is a Habit Pack halfway between the Astros and Yankees on the same row as the Yankees Stronghold.
  • Big Dog Set 2 pack on top of the Yankees Stronghold.
  • 1 Show pack on the very northern tip of the map near the Yaknees Stronghold.
  • 1 Show back on the bottom part of the jet stream.
  • 1 classic stadium pack on the very bottom row of jet stream.
  • Ballin is a Habit on top of the Dodgers’ Stronghold.

After you’re done scooping up the rewards from this conquest, be sure to check out our entire list of every All-Star boss card in this program. You have about three weeks to finish this and the conquest will conclude on August 9 along with the rest of the program.