MLB The Show 23: Charisma Series Program Guide

Fill your roster with rizz with this program.

Image via Sony San Diego

The Charisma Series is brand new to MLB The Show 23, and it’s been a big hit with the community so far. Up until today, the only way to earn the Charisma Series cards was to play with specific team lineups, but with the release of the Charisma Series program, you can finally earn more of these cards by playing moments and other modes. We’re going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete this program, as there are no bonus points, thus making it one of the more difficult programs to complete. Let’s start with the reward list.

Charisma Series Program reward list

  • 5 points: One The Show pack
  • 10 points: 90 OVR Charisma Series Brett Phillips
  • 15 points: Three The Show packs
  • 20 points: 91 OVR Charisma Series Joe Kelly
  • 25 points: Diamond Duos 2 pack
  • 30 points: 92 OVR Charisma Series Andrew Chafin
  • 35 points: Diamond Duos 3 pack
  • 40 points: 93 OVR Charisma Series Josh Naylor
  • 45 points: Diamond Duos 4 pack
  • 50 points: 94 OVR Charisma Series Josh Harrison & 2,500 program XP
  • 55 points: Diamond Duos 5 pack
  • 60 points: 95 OVR Charisma Series Daniel Vogelbach & 1,000 Stubs
  • 65 points: Diamond Duos 6 pack
  • 70 points: 95 OVR Charisma Series Oneil Cruz
  • 75 points: Diamond Duos 7 pack
  • 80 points: 96 OVR Ozzie Albies & 2,500 program XP
  • 85 points: Diamond Duos 8 pack
  • 90 points: 97 OVR Charisma Series Marcus Semien & 2,500 program XP
  • 95 points: Diamond Duos 9 pack
  • 100 points: 97 OVR Charisma Series Luis Castillo and 7,500 program XP

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Charisma Series Program objectives explained

Unlike the vast majority of programs in MLB The Show 23, this charisma series program has no wiggle room. Thankfully, the program isn’t too intense. We suggest first completing the ten moments for a total of 30 points. Once that’s done, we suggest moving on to the Showdown, which, keep in mind, costs 500 Stubs to enter. Be sure to draft the best hitters you can, and don’t worry about stacking positions because you only bat in this showdown. Once you have completed that, you gain another 30 points. Getting the final 40 points takes a tad more work as you have to collect PXP from each of the players in the program, as well as get 5,000 PXP with any Chaisma players in total. It’s going to take some time, so just strap in, play your favorite mode with those players (we’d suggest something on Rookie), and grind out those PXP points to finish the program and pick up 97 OVR Luis Castillo.