MLB The Show 23: Kaiju Program Guide

Collect monster players in this new program.

image via Sony San Diego

With the launch of Set 2 in MLB The Show 23, it’s clear the development team is focused on theming each season to be eye-catching and fun. One of Set 2’s examples is the Kaiju Series. Casting both current and former players to make up a team of true giants of baseball. Let’s dig into this monstrous reward path.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kaiju Series Program reward path

  • 1 point: 1 Show pack
  • 3 points: 90 OVR Kaiju Series Mike Yastrzemski
  • 5 points: Kaiju “gekcon” icon
  • 8 points: 90 OVR Kaiju Series Jerry Hariston Jr.
  • 10 points: 1 Show Pack
  • 13 points: 91 OVR Kaiju Series Zack Briton
  • 15 points: Kaiju “Doracarvee” icon
  • 20 points: 92 OVR Kaiju Series Keith Hernandez
  • 25 points:1 Show pack
  • 30 points: 92 OVR Kaiju Series David Robertson
  • 35 points: Kaiju Series Profile Banner
  • 40 points: 94 OVR Kaiju Series Warren Spahn
  • 45 points: 1 show pack
  • 50 points:  94 OVR Kaiju SeriesHarold Baines
  • 55 points: Kaiju “Morphic” icon & 1000 Stubs
  • 60 points: 95 OVR Kaiju Series Joe Torre
  • 65 points: Kaiju “Crypta” icon & 1000 Stubs
  • 70 points: 96 OVR Kaiju Series Hunter Renfroe
  • 75 points: Kaiju “Horner” icon & 1500 Stubs
  • 80 points: 96 OVR Kaiju Series Brandon Lowe & 2500 XP
  • 85 points: 3 Show Packs
  • 90 points: 97 OVR Kaiju Series Stepen Strausburg
  • 95 points: Diamond Duos 14 pack
  • 100 points: 97 OVR Kaiju Series Billy Williams & 7500 XP

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Kaiju Series Program points breakdown

Like the Mexico City Series program before it, this featured program is completeable via a repeatable objective: to earn 2500 PXP with the players in the program. Every time you do this, you earn 3 points. Although there are several listed objectives, once you break them down by group, it’s fairly simple. Moments get you 22 points, and player-based PXP missions earn you another 45 points. That’s still only 67; there’s a Conquest map that gets you 15 points, and if you feel confident you can win at showdown, that’s 10 points. But that’s still only 92 points, so where do the others come from? Well, when you win five event games, you collect five points. While only part 1 of the event is live now, parts two and three will go live in later weeks. Each of those will let you collect five points when you get five wins. This will bring you over the total, but honestly, it’s almost faster just to stop doing goals at 82 points and just grind with your favorite Kaiju players in the mode of your choice.