Monark – How to escape the locked room in the second year building

Getting yourself caught in a miniature escape room.


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During the investigation of the second year building with Ryotaro Date, you’ll come across a puzzle that’s slightly more involved than usual. It involves escaping a locked computer lab, which can stump some players due to how it communicates its clues. Our guide will help you complete this trap.

This section occurs while trying to clear the mist from the second year building’s third floor. From the third floor starting position, head right past Vanitas. After a bit of walking, you’ll come across the only interactive room along this path. After entering it, a student named Taishi Tanaka locks you in.

Mandatory login

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Examine the computer to enter the following login information:

  • Student ID – 020211018
  • Password – ABRAHADABRA

The student ID number can be found in Taishi’s profile, whereas the password was hinted at in the occult club bulletin note hanging on the wall in the back of the room. Taishi also says, “ABRAHADABRA” every time you approach the door.

Entering the information correctly grants you a note detailing Taishi’s secrets. Head back to the door to tell him you’ve seen his hidden folder. After teasing him with the newfound information, the dialogue scene ends with him knocked out on the floor.

At this point, the room has been unlocked, and you also now have the key to classroom 2-F. However, don’t leave just yet.

Optional login

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Enter the following information into the computer for an additional reward:

  • Student ID – 020211005
  • Password – KyrieEleison

The password came from a memo written by Yui Onishi sitting on the desk just in front of the computer. This red herring is likely to make players wander in circles, oblivious to the fact that Taishi was the person we needed to target to progress.

Yui’s login unlocks an additional dungeon that acts as an easy mode, separate from the actual casual setting. The rest of the repeatable dungeons unlocked through normal gameplay scale along with story progress. This new dungeon grants less spirit upon completion because of its difficulty.

However, it’s also more manageable for those that find themselves falling behind Monark’s leveling curve. It’s worth noting that the computer can still be accessed after the mist has been cleared.