Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Magma Almudron Guide – weaknesses, drops, and more

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The Magma Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a hot encounter. Here, you’ll be attempting to avoid mountains of lava heading towards you, with plenty of new attacks to keep you and your teammates on your toes. There are multiple body parts you want to focus on trying to destroy to earn materials for defeating it. This guide details Magma Almudron’s weaknesses and the materials it drops in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to beat Magma Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

All Magma Almudron weaknesses

Magma Almudron is a firey version of the standard one. Rather than worrying about water, you need to stay on top of the large mounds of fire and lava heading toward you and your team. We recommend increasing your Fire resistance for this encounter.

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When battling against Magma Almudron, focus on the tail tip and the head with a Slashing weapon. You can potentially try to break these areas to harvest materials from this monster and heavily damage it. A Blunt weapon will also want to focus on the head, although it’s slightly less effective than a Slashing one. However, both weapons are perfect when hitting the foreleg and abdomen. We recommend Water or Ice when using Elemental weapons, with Fire, Thunder, and Dragon being the least useful.

Body PartsSlashingBluntAmmoFireWaterThunderIceDragon
Hind Leg2123200105105
Tail Tip504525025152015

All Magma Almudron material drops

While fighting this creature, we recommend aiming for the torso, forelegs, body, the head and trying to cut off the tail. The Magmadron Mantle will be the most challenging material to try and loot off this creature, with a three percent chance across the board or worse. If you’ve broken off enough parts and received several materials during the battle, capturing the Magma Almudron is an excellent idea as you will acquire more materials over slaying it.

Material dropsTarget RewardsCapture rewardsBroken part rewardsCarvesDropped materials
Magmadron Shard18%16%70%38%37%
Magmadron Cortex26%23%30%27%27%
Large Magmadron Fin17%080%22%0
Magmadron Tail6%12%080%0
Inferno Lava Mud21%14%0030%
Magmadron Hardwhisker10%080%12%0
Magmadron Mantle2%3%3%3%1%
Magmadron Hardclaw032%90%010%
Large Wyvern Tear000050%