All Monsters Added to Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne Expansion


The latest expansion coming to Monster Hunter: World is Iceborne. The expansion is going to introduce a brand new cold map, complete with a winter wonderland for players to explore and hunt new monsters. Because this is a brand new area, players can expect to run into a handful of new creatures they have yet to encounter in Monster Hunter: World, among them, are a handful of subspecies of existing creatures. Here’s the list of all the monsters you can hunt in the new expansion.

All New Monsters Added in Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne

The new monsters are nothing to shake a stone at, even if you’re a well-traveled hunter. These ice-based creatures are in their element in the thick snow, so you best be careful attempting to attack one on its home turf. Here are the monsters you’re likely going to encounter in the latest Iceborne expansion:


The first on this is the far more gentle Banbaro. Players are going to discover this creature is far less aggressive than the others on this list, as this elk-like creature spends its time enjoying life and taking it easy. When you do engage it in a fight, though, be prepared for hearty charges as it attempts to stick you with its massive horns or dodge the boulders this monster can fling at you.


The Barioth is making its return from Monster Hunter 3. Those who recognize it are going to see its received a series of graphical upgrades, but it remains as deadly as it always will be. The flying feline wyvern uses its wings to cling onto the icey walls, unleashing a series of ice-based whirlwinds at you. Additionally, it can stick to the wall and attempt to leap out on unsuspecting hunters, making this an agility-based encounter.


This creature is a fish out of the water, but it found its home in the snow as it buries through the thick layers to attack you. You’re going to want to remain watchful for the creature’s mighty horn, as you’re likely going to see it peak out of the white abyss. Because this incredible creature is a predator if you encounter other, more docile animals during your fight, it might become interested in grabbing a snack while dealing with you.


You’re going to want to sparingly attack this creature, as has quite the explosive outer layer. The Brachydios is a large, blue and green-colored wyvern that uses its spit to coat its body in an explosive slime. You’ll want to time your attacks carefully, as to avoid getting hit by it. However, hunters have the opportunity to use water-based items to remove the coating. As long as you’re careful and time the water carefully, you’re going to do quite fine against this monster.


The Glavenus is a massive contrast to the ice-based theme of Iceborne. This large wyvern has a blade-like tail that it can turn red hot. When it becomes too hot and begins to die off, the creature usings its teeth to renew the heat. After having done so, the beast can spit out this acquired charcoal, giving it a decent ranged attack, along with its already deadly tail. You’ll need to follow the patterns and learn how it fights to avoid its rage.


The Namielle is a brand new face to the Monster Hunter franchise. It’s an elder dragon that resides underwater, and while it may live underwater, it doesn’t rely on the depths to protect it. Because it prefers to reside in the deep end of the pool, this dragon has a distinct glow on its exoskeleton. The light grants it better sight while at the watery depths, but it will also have control over lightning, which makes battling it out of the water a nightmare for any experienced hunter.


Did you want more wyvern in your Monster Hunter: World? You’re going to get more. The Nargacuga is another returning creature from the Monster Hunter franchise, and this massive bat-like creature is on the hunt. You’re not going to find it among Iceborne’s new area, but you’re going to find it making its way to the Ancient Forest.

Shara Ishvalda

This bug-eyed elder dragon can control the ground around it, knocking players around as if they were stones to play with at its leisure. The Shara Ishvalda places the tips of its wings on the ground to feel the vibrations of the world around it, pushing the earth down to force hunters to get creative on how to approach it.


Classics are hard to get rid of, and the Tigrex is an old favorite that’s hard to keep away from the franchise. This monster looks like it was taken straight out of the history books, and given a set of wings to make it even more deadly. A distinct characteristic of this monster is how much it’s going to actively chase and follow a hunter, forcing them to pull out of the stops to get out of the way. When it does tire, though, hunters can leap forward to make some of their own attacks.


A brand new creature coming to Monster Hunter is this ice-breathing elder dragon. The Velkhana has had extremely little footage time, so hunters are going to find out what this monster is capable of firsthand. Given the cold nature of the creature, hunters are going to rely on heat-based weapons to snuff out this elder dragon’s eternal winter.

Yian Garuga

What could be worse than a bat-like wyvern? How about a bird-like wyvern, intent on jumping down from its comfortable perch to smash you into the ground. You’re not going to find this happy bird in the colder region. Instead, you’re going to find it in the Ancient Forest, among the many already populated creatures, fighting them off to become king of the air.


The final creature in this list was the last monster shown to the public right before the game’s release, and what a fitting showing given the monster’s popularity. Much like the Namielle, the Zinogre has control of electricity, making it a difficult fight for those who want to avoid getting stunned in the middle of an encounter. When fighting it, this creature’s incredible speed is going to make fighting and hitting it a problem for any Monster Hunter.


These monsters are coming to the expansion, but Monster Hunter: World players have likely already found them many times. However, there are a few changes to them, making them stand out from their previous counterparts.

  • Acidic Glavenus
  • Blackveil Vaal Hazak
  • Brute Tigrex
  • Coral Pukei-Pukei
  • Ebony Odogaron
  • Fulgur Anjanath
  • Gold Rathian
  • Nightshade Paolumu
  • Ruiner Nergigante
  • Shrieking Legiana
  • Savage Deviljiho
  • Scarred Yian Garuga
  • Seething Bazelgeuse
  • Silver Rathalos
  • Viper Tobi-Kadach