Monster Hunter: World – How to Use the Map to Find Everything


Players in Monster Hunter: World need to be able to move quickly around the world, whether it is while on the trail of a monster, or just looking for that particular material required for a new set of armor. The map in the game is an excellent tool and offers many benefits for hunters to exploit. Learn how to use it to its fullest advantage by reading this guide.

General Tips

The Wildlife Map in Monster Hunter: World offers many functions, but there are some basic things you should know about the map:

  • You can zoom in slightly to get closer to the details of the map.
  • There are several filter settings that can help clear the clutter of a busy map.
  • Using the directional pad allows you to navigate different vertical layers of the map.
  • The various sections of the map are numbered, which makes communicating with fellow hunters easier.
  • Use waypoints and select other targets to have your Scout Flies assist in navigating the area.

Track Monsters

Monster Hunter: World - How to Use the Map to Find Everything
Wildlife MapTL;DR Games • Fair Use

One of the key tasks you’ll be performing is tracking monsters. Large monsters typically need to be discovered by finding clues, such as tracks, in the wild. Once you’ve discovered a large monster, it will be visible on the map. Its icon will even move in real time on the map, making it very easy to find where it is running off to. This is crucial when you’re fighting a monster and it’s retreating to its nest.

Large monsters will also show up by their name in the bottom left of the map. They can be selected from there and your Scout Flies will track the target once you’ve marked it on the map.

Smaller groups of monsters are typically marked on the map as well. These do not need to be discovered first and can be tracked using Scout Flies or waypoints. This makes farming a certain group of smaller monsters for materials a lot easier. Be sure to always consult your map before striking out on an expedition.

Find Materials

Monster Hunter: World - How to Use the Map to Find Everything
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Another reason for exploring the Wildlife Map is to locate resources and materials needed for crafting or upgrading armor and equipment. A colorful collection of resource icons will clutter up each area of your map, allowing you to see exactly what items are located where. This almost takes the sport out of exploring for materials, but it certainly makes it easier to find what you want. Icons displayed range from everything from Bone Piles to Mining Outcrops, and a large variety of flora and mushrooms. Just search the map for what you’re after and target it to have your Scout Flies lead you there.

Fast Travel

Monster Hunter: World - How to Use the Map to Find Everything
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Most of the maps in Monster Hunter: World have multiple campsites available for hunters to rest and organize for their expeditions. No matter where you are on the map, you can always fast travel back to one of those campsites. Often times it becomes necessary to return there to use the Item Box inside the tent to offload items you’ve been collecting. You can even order some food at the campsite to give yourself some added bonuses in the field. To fast travel, simply locate a campsite on your map and select it. You’ll be asked to confirm your intentions and then be swept away to the camp.

In conclusion, the map in Monster Hunter: World is an invaluable tool to hunters. We hope this guide gave you some basic skills on how to best utilize the map. Don’t be shy to pull it up frequently, just try not to do it while being chased by that huge monster you’ve been tracking! For more guides on how to find what you’re looking for, be sure to visit our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.