Monster List & Synthesis Recipes for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Here’s a comprehensive monster list for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince and how to synthesize them all.

DQM Monster List

Image by Gamepur

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Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince features over 500 monsters. Some return once again from previous entries of the saga, while some are completely new.

Thanks to the Synthesis mechanic, you don’t need to scout every monster in the world. In fact, some of them aren’t even available through scouting, which means you really can’t escape this in-game mechanic. It’s hard to keep track of the monsters you want to create and the parents you need to create them. That’s why in this guide, you’ll find a complete Monster List for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince and how you can synthesize them.

DQM: The Dark Prince Monster List: G Rank

Monster List Dragon Quest Monsters the Dark Prince
Image by Gamepur
AppearanceMonster NameMonster TypeSynthesis Recipe
Bubble SlimeSlimeSlime Shroom + Killer Gila
Buddy SlimeSlimeAny Slime + Any Nature
Fright BulbSlimeAny Slime + Any Demon
Goonache GoodieSlimeShell Slime + Fromage Fray
HealslimeSlimeWing Slime + Lunatick
Scallop SlimeSlimeAny Slime + Any Material
She-SlimeSlimeAny Slime + Any Beast
SlimeshroomSlimeAny Slime + Any Undead
Wing SlimeSlimeAny Slime + Any Dragon
AirbagonDragonKiller Gila + Toady
DamselflyDragonDragonthorn + Picksy
DragonthornDragonAny Dragon + Any Nature
Killer GilaDragonAny Dragon + Any Undead
KomodoDragonAny Dragon + Any Beast
NardragonDragonAny Dragon + Any Material
PteranodonDragonAny Dragon + Any Demon
Small FryDragonAny Dragon + Any Slime
VegandragoraDragonDamselfly + Fright Bulb
AntguzzlerBeastFat Rat + Airbagon
BunicornBeastFat Rat + Nardragon
Candy CatBeastGreat Sabrecub + Fromage Fray
Fat RatBeastAny Beast + Any Undead
FeralballBeastAny Beast + Any Nature
Great SabrecubBeastAny Beast + Any Slime
HammerhoodBeastMischievous Mole + Stump Chump
Mischievous MoleBeastAny Beast + Any Material
MouseflapBeastFat Rat + Wing Slime
Pan PiperBeastAny Beast + Any Demon
PlatypunkBeastBludgerigar + Teeny Sanguini
Sham HatwitchBeastAny Beast + Any Dragon
BantamweightNatureStark Raven + Bludgerigar
BludgerigarNatureAny Nature + Any Beast
CapsichumNatureAny Nature + Any Material
CruelcumberNatureCapsichum + Bambooligan
Khalamari KidNatureAny Nature + Any Slime
KillerpillarNatureAny Nature + Any Dragon
Mad MolluskNatureKillerpillar + Lips
Ornery OnionNatureAny Nature + Any Demon
Stark RavenNatureAny Nature + Any Undead
ToadyNatureKhalamari Kid + Bunicorn
WoebergineNatureOrnery Onion + Fright Bulb
BlinksterDemonWinky + Ghost
Bodkin ArcherDemonPicksy + Cruelcumber
DrackyDemonGremlin + Bludgerigar
GremlinDemonAny Demon + Any Dragon
Leery LoutDemonAny Demon + Any Material
LipsDemonDrohl Drone + Toady
Lump WizardDemonAny Demon + Any Undead
LunatickDemonAny Demon + Any Nature
PicksyDemonAny Demon + Any Slime
Teeny SanguiniDemonAny Demon + Any Beast
WinkyDemonString Fella + Lunatick
Drohl DroneUndeadAny Undead + Any Demon
FirespiritUndeadAny Undead + Any Dragon
FunghoulUndeadStump Chump + Slimeshroom
GhostUndeadSoft Serve Spook + Sham Hatwitch
PutrefidoUndeadAny Undead + Any Beast
SkeletonUndeadFirespirit + Leery Lout
SkipperUndeadWinky + Pan Piper
Soft Serve SpookUndeadAny Undead + Any Slime
Stump ChumpUndeadAny Undead + Any Nature
Wax MurdererUndeadAny Undead + Any Material
Bag o’ LaughsMaterialAny Material + Any Slime
BambooliganMaterialString Fella + Eggsoskelton
CumaulusMaterialAny Material + Any Nature
EggsoskeletonMaterialAny Material + Any Beast
Fromage FrayMaterialSacksquatch + Ghost
LamplingMaterialSpitnik + Wax Murderer
Mecha-MynahMaterialAny Material + Any Dragon
Mud MannequinMaterialSacksquatch + Woebergine
SacksquatchMaterialAny Material + Any Undead
SpitnikMaterialAny Material + Any Demon
String FellaMaterialBag o’ Laughs + Leery Lout

DQM: The Dark Prince Monster List: F Rank

All Monsters in DQM The Dark Prince
Image by Gamepur
AppearanceMonster NameMonster TypeSynthesis Recipe
Box SlimeSlimeAny Material + She-Slime
Drake SlimeSlimeAny Slime + Any Dragon
Feral SlimeSlimeAny Beast + Any Slime
Mottle SlimeSlimeSlime + Any Beast
Onion SlimeSlimeAny Slime + Any Nature
She-SlimeSlimeSlime + Firespirit
Slime KnightSlimeSlime Stack + Leery Lout
Slime StackSlimeAny Slime + Any Material
Snail SlimeSlimeShell Slime + Mad Mollusk
SnowmanglerSlimeAny Slime + Any Undead
Armoured WartoiseDragonAny Dragon + Any Material
Briny BroncoDragonAny Dragon + Any Nature
Croc-a-Bugle-DooDragonBongo Drongo + Briny Bronco
Drag RacerDragonAny Dragon + Any Demon
FlythonDragonAny Dragon + Any Undead
JargonDragonAny Dragon + Any Beast
RaptileDragonAny Dragon + Any Slime
SpitzfireDragonPteranodon + Foo Dog
Boppin’ BadgerBeastAny Beast + Any Slime
GuaardvarkBeastAny Beast + Any Undead
Hawk ManBeastAny Demon + Any Beast
NapirBeastAny Beast + Any Material
OrcBeastAny Beast + Any Nature
Powie YowieBeastSnowmangler + Platypunk
Robber RabbitBeastBunicorn + Any Demon
Sunset SultanBeastVampire Cat + Spitnik
Vampire CatBeastAny Beast + Any Dragon
WeartigerBeastAny Beast + Mummy Boy
BagwormNatureAny Nature + Any Beast
BullfinchNatureFoo Dog + Bantamweight
CactiballNatureAny Nature + Disfigurine
CyclownNatureAny Nature + Any Demon
GarudaNaturePteranodon + Bullfinch
Leafy LarrikinNatureMonolog + Capsichum
Mitey OakNatureAny Nature + Any Slime
Odd CobNatureAny Nature + Any Undead
Pogoin’ PenguinNatureAny Nature + Any Dragon
Scissor BeatleNatureAny Nature + Any Material
Suckling OckerNatureKhalamari Kid + Khalamari Kid
CannonbrawlerDemonAny Demon + Any Material
Cloud SurferDemonDancing Devil + Cumaulus
Dancing DevilDemonAny Demon + Any Undead
Dessert DemonDemonImp + Chocolate Golem
HoodDemonHammerhood + Mischievous Mole
ImpDemonAny Demon + Any Slime
MermanDemonAny Demon + Any Nature
PickayuneDemonAny Demon + Any Dragon
See UrchinDemonLunatick + Khalamari Kid
SuccubatDemonAny Demon + Any Beast
WhizzardDemonBlinkster + Lump Wizard
Hellbound HorrorUndeadAny Undead + Any Demon
King KelpUndeadScarfish + Woebergine
MonologUndeadAny Undead + Any Nature
Muddy HandUndeadAny Material + Any Undead
Mummy BoyUndeadString Fella + Walking Corpse
Restless ArmourUndeadSlime Knight + Bambooligan
ScarfishUndeadAny Undead + Any Slime
ShadowUndeadHellbound Horror + Spitnik
SkullriderUndeadAny Undead + Any Dragon
Walking CorpseUndeadAny Undead + Any Beast
Avian AndroidMaterialAny Material + Any Nature
Bongo DrongoMaterialAny Material + Any Dragon
CanniboxMaterialBag o’ Laughs + Eggsoskelton
Chocolate GolemMaterialMud Mannequin + Goonache Goodie
DisfigurineMaterialString Fella + Dragonthorn
Erazor BladeMaterialBambooligan + Wax Murderer
Foo DogMaterialAny Material + Any Beast
Horrifying SaucersMaterialAny Material + Any Undead
Hunter MechMaterialAny Material + Restless Armour
MudrakerMaterialAny Material + Any Slime
Pocus PoppetMaterialAny Material + Any Demon

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DQM: The Dark Prince Monster List: E Rank

All Monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince
Image by Gamepur
AppearanceMonster NameMonster TypeSynthesis Recipe
Dark SlimeSlimeImp + Any Slime
Behemoth SlimeSlimeSlime + Jargon
Slick SlimeSlimeBox Slime + Bubble Slime
Rubble SlimeSlimeMottle Slime + Mudraker
Spiny SlimeSlimeSnowmangler + Disfigurine
Mouldy SlimeSlimeSlime Shroom + Muddy Hand
WyrtleDragonAny Beast + Armoured Wartoise
CauldragonDragonJargon + Killer Gila
Mandrake MajorDragonRaptile + Restless Armour
Lumbering LizardDragonDragonthorn + Drag Racer
MeowgicianBeastCat Vampire + Any Demon
Jumping JackalBeastOrc + Great Sabrecub
JailcatBeastCandy Cat + Cannonbrawler
Weaken BeakonNatureBullfinch + Putrefido
OctopotNatureSuckling Ocker + Orc
AwebergineNatureWoebergine + Pogoin’ Penguin
Spiked HareBeastBunicorn + Napir
Ham ShamwitchBeastSham Hatwitch + Drake Slime
Dark SabrecubBeastGreat Sabrecub + Shadow
RatatattackBeastMouseflap + Guaardvark
Lump ShamanDemonLump Wizard + Pocus Puppet
OgreDemonHood + Cannonbrawler
PeeperDemonWinky + Pocus Pupper
Morphean MushroomUndeadFunghoul + Napir
Dead ResidentUndeadMummy Boy + Skullrider
Skeleton SoldierUndeadSkeleton + Restless Armour
Freezing FogMaterialCumaulus + Snowmangler
Hell NinoMaterialCumaulus + Drake Slime
Clockwork CuckooMaterialMecha Mynah + Cyclown
Prancing PillarMaterialPocus Puppet + Lampling
GoodybagMaterialBag o’ Laughs + Pogoin’ Penguin
ScornetNatureScissor Beatle + Odd Cob
Cross EyeBeastSee Urchin + Any Beast
Hooper TrooperDemonCyclown + Dancing Devil
ChimaeraNaturePogoin’ Penguin + Imp
Iron MaidenUndeadSuccubat + Pocus Puppet
JinksterDemonBlinkster + Pickayune
StabosaurDragonNardragon + Erazor Blade
BelethDemonDancing Devil + Erazor Blade
Angel SlimeSlimeHealslime + Mitey Oak
Beanie MeanieNatureOdd Cob + Cruelcumber
SplatypunkBeastPlatypunk + Guaardvark
EscudogreMaterialHunter Mech + Leery Lout
Bodkin FletcherDemonBodkin Archer + Walking Corpse
DrackolyteDemonDracky + Whizzard

This guide is a work in progress. I’ll make sure to keep it updated with monsters from ranks D to S as I unlock them in the game.