Mortal Kombat 1: Tanya Beginner Combo Guide Tips & Tricks

It’s kombo time! Tanya is up for the combo list guide. The kombos will have you competing against your friends in no time.

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Tanya has been a controversial character gameplay-wise due to her moveset in Mortal Kombat X being impossible to overcome in competitive play. In Mortal Kombat 1, she’s not nearly as bad and has a completely new design based around her flexible staff. This gives her more range and sneakier moves that can confuse and intimidate opponents while giving you room to react.

We’ll cover Tanya’s three best combos in detail, along with how each sequence should look against her opponents in Mortal Kombat 1.

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Tanya Combo Guide Mortal Kombat 1

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Let me start this off by saying that you should complete the tutorial with each character to become familiar with their basic moves. For this character, we’re going to focus on three bread-and-butter combos that’ll do big damage and allow you to react to your opponents quickly. Below is a list of combos that are useful for beginner Tanya:

Down Forward 3, Down Forward 3+Right trigger, Up Forward+2Notice how we left out a comma for Down Forward 3? This means that the command needs to be pressed in one quick motion. The first command will buff Tanya, while the second command will launch her into the air for a flying knee. The last will extend the air combo.
Back Forward 4+Right Trigger, then 2, 1+3 This is an Enhanced Drill Kick Plus Wraparound combo. What it does is launch your opponent into the air, grab them with the staff, and toss them to the opposite side of the screen.
Forward+2, 1, 1, then Up Forward+2, then 2, 1+3This is a Karma into Upward Clouds into Wraparound combo. You start off with a quick combo that momentarily stuns your opponent, then Tanya does a rising knee into the air, then grabs and tosses the opponent across the screen.
When you see the + sign, that means that the buttons must be pressed simultaneously.

Many of her combos require good timing, so be sure to practice landing them while the opponent is still in the air. A lot of her damage comes from her Down Forward 3+Right Trigger, which is only usable after her initial Down Forward 3 buff. You want to keep your opponent on the defensive by rushing them down and forcing them to guess if you’re grabbing or launching.

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Tanya is pretty great for players looking to focus on aggressive tactics. She has everything from air combos to parries to projectiles. We foresee her being a serious menace in the competitive scene and extremely fun for casual and online play.