Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown – Genshin Impact

Epic journey.

Genshin Impact

The first step in the Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown quest is to head to the headquarters of the Knights of Favonius and speak with Klee. She is very upset, and has received an angry letter demanding that she give up her friend Dodoco. The letter apparently comes from a “King Dodo”, who lives in the Golden Apple Archipelago, but neither Klee, Paimon, or the Traveler have ever heard of this place.

After speaking with Klee, players will need to go and talk to other characters to try and find out about the Golden Apple Archipelago. The first person to visit is Cyrus outside the Adventurer’s Guild. Unfortunately, Cyrus will not have heard of the Golden Apple Archipelago.

After that, go and speak with Marjorie at the General Store on the main street just up from the main gate. Marjorie also won’t have ever heard of the Archipelago. The final person to speak to is Huffman, the Knight of Favonius who hangs out near the bar.

After that, it’s time to head to the library at the headquarters of the Knights of Favonius and speak with Lisa. As one of the most educated people in the city of Mondstadt, she is bound to be able to help. Lisa recommends you use Elemental Sight to examine the letter, and write down what you see.

There is a secret drawing of the Golden Apple Archipelago on the back of the letter. As it happens, these islands are part of an ancient myth about a group of islands where people cannot go, or leave.Sadly, Lisa does not know where the islands are.

Once you are finished with Lisa, you need to go and speak to Jean. Jean will be in her office in the Knights building, speaking with Barbara. Jean will not agree to let Klee go, saying that it might be dangerous. Speak with Barbara outside, then meet her at the Plaza after noon the following day. When you meet them, Jean will have been convinced to let Klee go on her adventure.

Jean has decided to go with you all to ensure that everything is safe. After that, make your way to the Statue of the Seven to speak with Venti. He will be able to help you get there. Venti will call one of the Four Winds, Dvalin, who will fly you to your destination.