How to get Tidal Treasure and Mooncake in Naraka: Bladepoint’s Mid-Autumn Festival event

A mid-autumn night’s dream.

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There’s an event in Naraka: Bladepoint called the Mid-Autumn Festival. In it, you’ll complete tasks to receive special rewards. If you’re lucky, you might even obtain some extreme or legendary cosmetics. Here’s our Naraka: Bladepoint guide to help you with the Mid-Autumn Festival event, as well as the Tidal Treasure, Mooncake, and other rewards.

Naraka: Bladepoint – Mid-Autumn Festival event guide

For starters, the Mid-Autumn Festival event in Naraka: Bladepoint is expected to run until September 25. You still have some time left, so make sure you can complete daily objectives. Examples include:

  • Daily login
  • Defeat an enemy when using Valda Cui
  • Spend 2,000 Dark Tide Coins during matches
  • Deal 1,000 damage with a weapon (i.e., musket)

The daily login bonus actually grants you a trial card for Valda Cui, allowing you to select her for three matches. If you want her to be part of your roster permanently, you’ll need to unlock her by spending 12,000 tae or 600 gold. In any case, if you need more help, you can take a look at our Valda Cui skills and talents guide.

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Mooncakes and Lanterns

The three other daily tasks provide you with Mooncakes, the special currency used during Naraka: Bladepoint’s Mid-Autumn Festival event. As you can also see in the image above, Mooncake can be spent on various cosmetic rewards, such as a dagger skin, Valda Cui’s accessories, and Tidal Treasure chests (more on these later).

You may also obtain Mooncakes if you partake in the Herald’s Trial battle royale matches. During the preparation phase, while the game is still looking for more players, everyone can try to release the 10 lanterns in the starting area. If you’re soloing, then you might need to be very quick about it since players tend to AFK during this stage. But, if you’re playing trios, then you can try to get your team to help you with the lanterns. If you’re successful, everyone who’s participating in the battle will receive extra rewards at the end of the match.

Oh, and to clarify, this can only be done when you load in and the match is taking place at night. Likewise, you can receive these extra post-match rewards up to three times per daily reset.

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Tidal Treasure

The Tidal Treasure chests in Naraka: Bladepoint’s Mid-Autumn Festival cost 24 Mooncakes each. As such, you’re going to have to farm and do your daily tasks to grab a few of these. Alternatively, you can spend 360 gold on a single chest, which is very expensive already.

Tidal Treasure chests have a chance of dropping legendary cosmetics. But, if you’re very lucky, you might end up with the Atlantis Wonder. This extreme rarity costume for Valda Cui only comes from Tidal Treasure chests that you obtain during the event.

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