NBA 2K20 – How To Dunk


Dunking is as fundamental a part of modern-day basketball as any other aspect of the game, so you can be assured the skill is well represented in NBA 2K20. There are two pretty essential elements of dunking that you should understand before you try to go for it in-game.

NBA 2K20 – How To Dunk

First, not all ballers are created equally. Some are just better at dunking than others. How good your player is at dunking will depend on their stats, so don’t try to go for a dunk with a player who just isn’t equipped to pull it off.

Secondly, there are two kinds of dunks in NBA 2K20, random, or ones that you specifically decide to do. Just go for a shot when you are near the hoop (X on Xbox, Square on Playstation) will cause the player to go for a random shot, usually either a dunk or a layup. You can, of course, choose to go for a specific type of by inputting certain commans.

Dominant Dunk

This will use the players dominant hand to go for the dunk. Just hold RT and then press towards the dominant hand. You need to know which hand is the dominant hand, so study your players well.

Off-hand Dunk

As above, hold RT and press towards the players off-hand. What will inform a decision to go for a dominant hand or an off-hand dunk is the positioning of any defensive player between you and the hoop.

Two-hand Dunk

Hold RT and press the right thumbstick up to for a Two-hand Dunk.

Flashy Dunk

Hold RT and then press down on the right stick to add some flare to your dunk.

And that’s it. Remember to learn your player’s capabilities well to find the true Dunk Masters on your team.