NBA 2K22: How to get a trike in The City

A different mode of transportation.

Screenshot via Gamepur

There are many ways to get around in NBA 2K22’s The City, and one of those methods is by using a trike. Yes, you read that correctly. You can obtain a trike to ride around in the open-world version of The Neighborhood, but you’ll need to do a couple of things first.

To get the trike, you will need to grind in The City. The trike can be unlocked by reaching Level 30 in Season 2: Build Your Empire.

Once you reach Level 30, you will receive the Gold Trike and have the option to acquire parts for the trike and different models. To do this, head to the mall in The City. The mall can be found in the western part of the City, right near the center. Once you have arrived at the mall, you will want to look for the Wheels store. This location should sound familiar to those who have already picked up the BMX bike since the place to acquire both is the same. 

Screenshot from Gamepur

After you have entered the Wheels store, you can choose to purchase new models or parts. You will need VC to buy the new parts. VC can be obtained in various ways.