NBA 2K22: How to get traded in MyCareer

Force a move.

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Much like in previous NBA 2K games, you do have the option to request a trade in MyCareer. But thanks to the introduction of quests into The City and MyCareer, it may take a bit longer and be a bit more indirect, depending on what platform you are on. So, how can you request a trade? It will take some time and a quest.

Trade requests are built into the story of MyCareer, and it works just about the same for both old and current generations. You can force a trade in your very first season. But, you need to do something before then. First, you will need to become a starter, which can be done in current-gen by completing several quests.

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After you’ve played your first game as starter, you should get a message on your phone with a video. This video features former NBA player Kendrick Perkins stating on TV that he’s heard of rumors that you want off your team. Then, you must talk to Ricky at your apartment. Ricky will ask whether you want to be traded. If you do, say yes.

After you have told Ricky you want a trade, you will need to progress into the game until you see a new cutscene in old-gen or get an update in the trade quest for current-gen, entitled The Come Up: Trade Rumors. From here, you will need to talk to your agent and confirm that you want to be traded from your current organization.

At this point, you will then be asked which team you prefer to go to. You will be prompted to choose from three destinations, but you would be wise to select the one team you really want to go to first.

From here, you will have to play through until you do two more additional tasks. You will need to talk to the team’s general manager at the team practice facility, as well as reporter Candice Green. The latter needs to be done in The City if you are playing on current-gen. Once that’s done, you will need to continue to go through games until the trade request is honored.

It may take a longer time to get this quest and have the trade successfully go through. This will ultimately depend on when you become a starter. Nevertheless, you should be able to be dealt sometime around the half-way point of your first season, should you tell Ricky and your agent that you want to be traded.