NBA 2K23: How to do fashion walks in MyCareer & The City

Head to the runway.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Even though a basketball player’s primary job is to play basketball, that doesn’t mean that is the only thing that these individuals do. NBA players regularly get involved in the world of music and fashion, from designing shoes, to even walking on a runway ala Kyle Kuzma. MyPlayers in NBA 2K23 can do just the same, as The City does have a feature that allows players to walk down the runway and show off some new fashion. So, how exactly can this be done, and how can it help your MyPlayer? Let’s take a look at what you should know.

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How to do fashion walks in The City

In order to do fashion walks in The City, head to the northwestern part of the city, right near the Wildcats affiliation home site. Here, you will find the Fashion Runway. Check out the screenshot of the runway on the map if you need a visual guide:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Yes, doing fashion walks might seem trivial to some. However, doing these will actually go a long way toward building your brand, and landing endorsements.

Keep in mind a few things about the runway and fashion walks. One, the walks, and more importantly, the brand boosts that you get are affected by what clothes are worn. If you go to the Pause Menu, followed by MyPlayer -> Appearance -> The City, you will see that some clothes give differing boosts. Some offer Free Spirit (denoted by a trumpet), while others are more Corporate (suit). Change the clothing to influence the kind of brand boost that you receive.

Additionally, users can also change the walk and runway animations that are performed. From the Pause Menu, go to MyPlayer -> Animations -> Runway Animations.