NBA 2K23: How to find Zion Williamson and Jake from State Farm in The City

Like a good neighbor, Jake came back for 2K23.

Screenshot from Gamepur

NBA 2K22 did not have any shortage of NBA players and celebrities that would mingle in The City. That remains the case in NBA 2K23, as users will once again have to find various figures that act as NPCs in The City. Two notable names that need to be found in The City are Pelicans star Zion Williamson, and an individual who was in 2K22 and returns for 23: Jake from State Farm. So, how can you find Zion and Jake? Let’s take a look.

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How to find Zion Williamson

To find Zion Williamson, go to the northern part of the map in The City. Zion can be found to the east of the Wildcats affiliation court, right by the Jordan Challenge building. Here’s a look at where Zion is on the map:

Screenshot from Gamepur

How to find Jake from State Farm

Last year, users had to venture to the mall of The City in order to find the elusive Jake from State Farm. That is again the same for NBA 2K23.

To find Jake, travel south from where you found Zion in NBA 2K23. Go to the west — or east, depending on where you are facing — of the Jordan Challenge building, and south to find the West Mall. There is a State Farm store at the mall, and Jake can be found right in front.

Screenshot from Gamepur

NBA 2K23 players can find both Jake and Zion to collect MVP Points and use those points toward cumulative rewards.