NBA 2K23 MyTeam Halloween event, explained

Skip the tricks and get a bunch of treats for your roster.

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Sports games love to theme events around the different holidays. That’s no different this Halloween in NBA 2K23. You have the ability to earn some amazing rewards, but this event will only run until November 1. So we’re here to give you a full breakdown so you can get as many rewards as possible out of this spooky season event.

The Halloween agenda in NBA 2K23

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The Halloween agenda is hidden in the season’s agenda menu. The linchpin of this Halloween event is the Trick or Treat Exchange Token. You can get seven exchange tokens by winning twice in a row in each of the following modes: Triple Threat Online & offline, Clutch Time Online and offline, Limited and Unlimited, as well as TTO co-op where you play with your friends against another duo or trio. For finishing the entire agenda, you collect a Rare Franchise Moment exchange token for the Trophy Case.


The badges section of the rewards is also critical to this year’s event. You have the ability to earn eight different badges, and two of them are Hall of Fame level. It is important that you hang on to the bronze badges that you acquire for a collection. We will go over it later. Here is a list of all the objectives and badges you can get. For finishing the entire set of badge agendas you earn a specific Halloween shoe pack.

  • Bronze Fearless Finisher — Make five layups over multiple games
  • Bronze Giant Slayer — Make five dunks over multiple games
  • Silver Deadeye — Make 50 3-point shots over multiple games
  • Silver Middy Magician — Score 20 points and shoot 100% with a single player
  • Gold Boxout Beast — Get 75 rebounds over multiple games
  • Gold Killer Combo — Get 75 assists over multiple games
  • Hall of Fame Hyperdrve — Score 100 fast break points over multiple games
  • Hall of Fame Menace — Get 100 steals over multiple games


The basketball section is much lower stakes. Basketballs can be either a cosmetic item or a consumable item that will pop open like a pinata. The basketballs themselves give out random rewards, and while they don’t give you a huge amount by themselves, however, they can stack up over the weekend. Here is the agenda list.

  • Eyeball Basketball — Make 10 dunks over multiple games
  • Mummy Basketball — Make 10 3-pointers over multiple games
  • Scary Jack O’ Lantern Basketball — Get five blocks over multiple games
  • Silly Jack O’ Lantern Basketball — Get two steals over multiple games

For finishing the entire set, you get one random historic moment for the Trophy Case. You can also spend four tokens in the Token Market to get the same four prize balls listed above.

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Halloween exchange

The Halloween exchange is where you take the exchange tokens that we talked about earlier in this guide. So what do you do with them? Well, you can exchange them for some very powerful Halloween treats. Here’s a list of every exchange in the Halloween event.

  • For one exchange token, you can get 31 tokens to spend in the token market.
  • For one exchange token, you can get a Nightmare pack.
  • For one exchange token, you can get a Super Trophy Case pack.
  • For one exchange token, you can get a Halloween Diamond Shoe pack.
  • For one exchange token, one bronze Fearless Finisher badge, and one bronze Giant Slayer badge, you can get a Nightmare Deluxe pack.
  • For 10 exchange tokens, you can get a Season 1 Takeover Option pack.

You notice that the most expensive prize in this event needs 10 tokens, which is more than you can get from the agendas. So let’s talk about how you can get the rest.

Halloween packs

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The Halloween pack has replaced the shoe colorway pack in the vault rewards for this event. You have a very small chance of pulling an exchange token. So you should be playing as many fast-paced games as you can during the event. There are a few challenge games in the game that guarantee a pack. If you navigate to skill challenges, you’ll find that the Amethyst Nightmare Challenge has a Halloween pack. And for this entire event, the daily Pick Up challenge will include a Halloween pack.