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NBA 2K23: Which Galactic Conqueror should you choose as a 96 OVR Pink Diamond?

With so many upgrades to make. Here are our six best options.

The second event of NBA 2K23’s Season 4 of MyTeam is in full swing. And during this time, you can equalize your roster with an astounding 30 Diamond rated cards. 2K isn’t stopping there, though. You can also upgrade six of those cards from diamond up to a 96 OVR Pink Diamond. There are six NBA divisions in real life, and so we’re going to give you the best card in each division.

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Best Galatic Conqueror upgrades in Myteam

Chris Mullen

One of the main reasons Chris Mullen is chosen to represent the Central Division is the number of upgrades his card receives to help him work on the inside. He gets a massive +15 to Strength, Post Moves, and Post Hook. His defense gets a considerable upgrade as he gets +6 to block, and both of his rebounding stats get double-digit upgrades. His card goes from a fantastic Triple Threat option to an absolute must in your Unlimited rotation.

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Jason Kidd

Kidd is our pick to represent the central division because of one massive badge upgrade. He goes from not having the Limitless Range badge to having it maxed out on Hall of Fame; combine that with another three other Hall of Fame upgrades and a massive +30 to his Block stat, and it’s clear he’s the best.

Marcin Gortat

Most big men are great, but big men who have the Post Spin Technician upgraded become a must on your squad. When combined with a Ball Handle rating upgrade of +13, you have an excellent option.

LaMarcus Aldrige 

At first glance, this might seem like an odd choice, as Aldrige only gets minor stat upgrades in a few places. He gets so many badge upgrades to either Gold or Hall of Fame levels that we have to mention him as one of the top choices.

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Tyreke Evans

We needed to make sure we put a Small Forward on this list, and thankfully, Tyreke Evans is a wonderful option. While a Limitless Takeoff badge upgrade might seem superfluous, more and more content is mandating dunks as a challenge requirement. If you’re new to the game, returning to it, or simply don’t want to hunt down specific versions of players who MIGHT have this badge, this is a less complicated way to get an easy dunk machine.

Trevor Ariza

Our final pick is the definition of a frustrating player to play against. Trevor Ariza boasts a Clamps and Post Lockdown badge upgrade and Hall of Fame Clamp Breaker and Quick First Step badges. He’ll get up and down the court, steal the ball away, rinse, and repeat.

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