Nexomon-type effectiveness chart – strengths, weaknesses, tips

It’s a science all its own.

As you might have spotted by now, Nexomon: Extinction has monster types that aren’t quite like any other monster-collectors. Yes, there are your ghost and fire elements, among others, but their effects probably won’t work on types that you expect in some cases. It is already a tougher game by comparison. To make it much easier on yourself, here are all of the elements’ strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Fire: Strong against wind, plant, and ghost types.
    • Weaknesses – water and mineral
  • Water: Strong against fire and mineral types.
    • Weaknesses – plant and electric
  • Electric: Strong against water, psychic, and wind types.
    • Weaknesses – mineral and grass
  • Plant (or grass): Strong against electric and water types.
    •  Weaknesses – wind and fire
  • Mineral (or rock): Strong against electric, psychic, and fire types.
    • Weaknesses – wind and water
  • Wind: Strong against mineral and grass types.
    • Weaknesses – electric and fire
  • Psychic: Strong against normal and ghost types.
    • Weaknesses – mineral and electric
  • Ghost: Strong against normal and wind types.
    • Weaknesses – psychic and fire
  • Normal: Has no strengths against any type.
    •  Weaknesses – psychic and ghost

Don’t forget that Nexomon can also learn moves of other elements, so it doesn’t strictly apply to the type of monster you are using. In addition, certain moves can also paralyze, freeze, confuse, or burn enemies for multiple turns if they are effective. If you add attack-focused cores onto your Nexomon, these effects will cause much more damage.