NHL 21: How to skip to the NHL in Be a Pro

What if you don’t to play in the Memorial Cup or Europe?

NHL 21’s revamped Be a Pro mode has added a plethora of new features, as well as a new pathway to the NHL. Users can either decide to start their pro career in the junior ranks, or they can head to Europe and test their mettle against older competition. However, you do have the option to skip straight to the NHL. How do you do this? Let’s go over the steps.

First, head to the Be a Pro creation suite, and go through the first three menus. After you have added biographical information, customized your player, and chosen an archetype, you will then be able to choose where you start the Be a Pro story. If you want to start in the NHL, at the Draft section of the creation suite, scroll to the right until the option to start in the NHL shows up.

Skipping to the NHL does have its advantages. While you will miss out on the opportunity to unlock skill perks and increase your attributes prior to entering the league, skipping the Memorial Cup or the CHL will ensure that you go right to your desired team. If you choose to go through the other two options, your character will be subjected to the NHL Draft, and thus, you will be unable to choose your landing spot.