NHL 22: How HUT X-Factor and Power-Up Icon cards work

Let’s take a look.

Image via EA Sports

X-Factors have been added to NHL 22, and these new abilities have also been integrated into Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). New HUT X-Factor and Power-Up Icon cards have added a new wrinkle to NHL 22, but how exactly do these work? Let’s take a look.

X-Factor cards are special player items have Superstar Zone abilities, and these items can also be upgraded. As opposed to base and inform cards, which can’t be upgraded, X-Factor items can be boosted by paying a certain amount of HUT Coins.

Screenshot from Gamepur

When you receive a HUT X-Factor card, it will begin at Tier 1. From there, you will need to spend the Coins necessary to move that card to Tier 2, and then to Tier 3, and so on. Higher Tiers will cost more as far as Coins, and you may even need additional items, such as player cards and even Power-Up collectibles, to upgrade. New Tiers, however, will come with higher ratings and in some case, new Zone abilities.

We should note that EA Sports will add new Tiers to X-Factor cards throughout the year. So, that 86 OVR max card can raise in overall over time.

Additionally, EA has also added Power-Up Icon cards to NHL 22. Power-Up Icons are special Alumni cards that can upgraded throughout the year as well. These cards will typically feature Legends that EA has added into NHL 22. Much like with the regular X-Factor cards, Icons have additional Tiers, as well as Superstar and Zone abilities.