Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Familiar tier list – the best Familiars to use

The best of the best.

Image via Netmarble

Like the game’s previous iterations, Familiars are a vital part of the Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. These creatures, which can also be considered pets, accompany you on your journey and help in different facets, such as battling alongside you, healing or buffing in general. Although each Familiar has distinctive qualities, some are superior to others even though they are all viable in some way. Hence, we’ve put together a tier list ranking every Familiar in the game so that you can get an idea of which one to prioritise.

The best Familiars Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

The tier list includes only the four-star Familiars of the game since two, and three stars eventually get outclassed.

SBunnybot, Hippocampus
AArachnes, Ebon Taurex, Hog-Goblin, Oroboros. Penguicorn, Shrimpaler, Stagthorn
BByrde, Dinoceres, Disbeleaf, Molten Lion, Sparky, Suiryu
CFlutterby, Thumbelemur, Splisher

Hippocampus is by far the best Familiar in the game. It has one of the most busted specials in the game, which allows the Familiar to summon a powerful torrent that deals damage and pulls enemy Familiars towards the center. Bunnybot is another top-tier Familiar that doesn’t require dupes to be powerful, unlike other Familiar on the list.

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Most of the four-star Familiars find themselves in the A tier since many of them are viable in the meta. Ebon Taurex was handed out as a free Familiar to every player, and it is a decent unit that will fit most team comps. Hog-Goblin boasts high attack stats and can be devastating if played correctly, but the lack of defense stats of health points pushes it down in the tier. The other Familiars in the A tier are all good units that can easily help you progress in the game.

Since we’ve only listed four-star Familiars, there is no D tier in our tier list. That said, Familiars in the B and C tiers are mostly underpowered and fill a more niche role. They are heavily team reliant and won’t make or break your game. In most cases, you should avoid utilizing these Familiars until the meta changes or they receive major buffs.