Nier Reincarnation best characters tier list

Shockingly, one of them is free.

Nier Reincarnation characters tier list

Image by Square Enix

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The critically acclaimed Nier series made its way to mobile this year, with its highly detailed nihilism-infused world and characters intact. However, as Nier Reincarnation is a mobile game, there is a decent deal of new characters for players to pick from, and getting most of them involves grinding and participating in events. To save you time and in-game currency, here is our tier list of the best characters in Nier Reincarnation.

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S-tier Nier Reincarnation characters

  • Free characters: Fio
  • Gacha and event characters: A2, 2B, 2P, 9S
  • Special note: Fio, 2B, 9S

The top-tier Nier Reincarnation characters will be very familiar to Nier: Automata players, and currently the main way to get them is through the limited-time crossover event. A2 and 2B are both dedicated damage dealers with low survivability, which means that a good supporting character is needed to help carry your team through harder content. 9S is a more tanky option, and he also benefits from healing to continue soaking up damage for your team and dishing out the occasional Stun.

Fio may not seem like a meta pick, but she is a free character that brings a lot of flexibility and team utility. She boosts your team’s AGI and fills the combo meter fast, helping your other characters shine brighter. Her stats are also nothing to laugh at.

A-tier Nier Reincarnation characters

  • Gacha and event characters: Dimos, Rion, Gayle
  • Special note: Dimos, Rion

Dimos or Rion would be just okay if it wasn’t for their exclusive weapons, which both have a 75% chance to inflict Blind on hit. This debuff is very powerful against bosses and the high ATK characters on this list, and it makes Dimos and Rion as strong as any top-tier Nier Reincarnation pick in PvP. On top of that, Dimos often gets to hits first in combat, and Rion grants your entire team bonus ATK.

B-tier Nier Reincarnation characters

  • Gacha and event characters: Akeha, F66x, 063y, Argo, Lars
  • Special note: Argo

The characters at the bottom of the Nier Reincarnation tier list are statistically outgunned by every option in the upper tiers. However, with a bit of synergy and good timing, they can still perform well and carry you through most of the game’s content and even hold their own in PvP. Out of this group, Argo is perhaps the most helpful, as he helps build up your team’s combo meter fast, and thus can support your more powerful Nier Reincarnation characters.