NIOH Chapter 7 Spider Nest Castle Walkthrough


The chapter takes you to Shigisan Castle. Infested with demons and strange creatures, William need to find out who is attacking the travelers.

Chapter 7 Spider Nest Castle Walkthrough

Mission – Spider Nest Castle

There is a shrine at the start you can use it for upgrades. At the beginning, you face a lot of creatures. Follow the torches for entering deeper into the area to investigate. On a platform fabricated with web, fight with a spider. Take the roof on the other side and use the stairs to ground. There are ample of spiders in the area. You can attack them from the roof. Attack the glowing back to finish them fast.

Nioh Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Head towards the door on the right, and you will reach to a second shrine. There is a door on the left side or you can take the path on the extreme left that head towards the mountain top. There are yokais and spiders around. You can wander to gather things or you can keep moving ahead till you find key to the castle gets on the mountain. You will need to defeat a yokai before getting the keys.

Nioh Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Follow the torches and you will reach to castle get on the top of the mountain where you encounter a yokai with green tongue. There is a shrine at the left. go right, below and fight with few more spiders. For the final fight you will need to find the path that takes you to the castle at the top. It is filled with spiders. Look for webs on the wall, and that will take you to the shrine with a door on the left side. You will need to keep on going up till you reach the main hall where you will face the boss Joro-Gumo Now she is pretty hard to take down as her attacks can paralyze you for a while. So first thing to do is stay away from the range of attack. You can use fire bombs to cause a nice amount of damage. She is very swift in moments. Use an axe, spear or sword to attack if she stops for a while. After killing her mission is complete.

After Joro-Gumo there is a custcene where William gets tea by Danjo. This unlocks a new section that allows you to pick a clan. So this was the end of Chapter 7 Spider Nest Castle. You can continue with our Nioh Wiki guide or continue with Chapter 8 Falling Snow Walkthrough.