No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update Hub – Corrupted Planets, Sentinels, Starships & Resources

Discover all the corruption has to offer.


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No Man’s Sky’s Interceptor Update is the twenty-third major content drop in the game’s history and one of the most expansive in recent memory. It adds a new type of planet, a starship, changes up Sentinels, gives players a new resource to farm, and so much more. This hub is your guide to everything in the Interceptor Update, helping you find all the new elements and get to grips with the latest systems so you don’t get left behind in the space dust.

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Everything new in the No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update

The Interceptor Update adds a new layer of complexity to No Man’s Sky. Below, we’ve outlined everything new in the update and offered tips for engaging with it where possible. If you’re trying to find a corrupted planet, an Interceptor starship, or get into a fight with some corrupted machines, you’ll find your answer here.

How to find corrupted planets

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Corrupted planets are one of the highlights of the Interceptor Update. To find them, you need to open the galaxy map and look for a new type of system. When you hover over a system, you’ll see its description, which usually mentions an element such as water. Corrupted planets only exist within systems that have the ‘Dissonant‘ description attached to them. These are more common than you think, so seek one out, set a path, and warp to it.

You can learn more about how to find Corrupted Planets in our dedicated guide.

These planets are always corrupted and will have a strange purple hue over everything. You can also find all the new resources added to No Man’s Sky with the Interceptor Update on these planets, which are essential for upgrading your Interceptor starship. Of course, you’ll also encounter Corrupted Sentinels here, dangerous enemies that can sneak up on you while harvesting the lucrative purple crystals across the planet.

How to find Sentinel Interceptor ships

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Sentinel Interceptor ships are used by Sentinels that have crashed on corrupted planets due to the effects of the purple crystals. You can find one of these ships in three ways before claiming it as your own. To find a crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship, you can either attack Sentinels in space until you destroy the Sentinel Capital Ship, attack Corrupted Sentinels on a corrupted planet until you complete the final wave, or use an Echo Locator.

How to get Sentinel Multi-Tools

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Sentinel Multi-Tools are new Multi-Tool variants with strange appearances resembling gear you’d see attached to a Sentinel on a normal planet. These can only be acquired by finding a Harmonic Camp and solving the riddle in the computer at that location. You need to scan the memory registers and work out the numbers corresponding to the glyphs you input to unlock the Multi-Tool station. Read our complete guide on how to get Sentinel Multi-Tools to learn about the process step by step.

How to find and fight Corrupted Sentinels

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Corrupted Sentinels are a new enemy type you’ll encounter all across corrupted planets. You don’t need to look very hard for them to pick a fight. If you see a valuable item such as a Gravitino Ball, pick it up because that’ll trigger a swarm. You can also find your way to a Dissonance Resonator. Corrupted Sentinels guard these machines, so you’ll easily find a bunch to fight if you look hard enough.

If you’re fighting Corrupted Sentinels, we suggest having plenty of ammunition and a Boltcaster at the very least. These enemies will use adaptive camouflage to hide in plain sight and attack you from the side or behind. Look for the purple glow of these machines and fire at it when unsure if there’s one nearby. The drones heal every other machine, so they are the best targets to take out first.

When you kill Corrupted Sentinels, they’ll drop resources such as Atlantideum, but you can also get an Echo Locator from the large quadrupeds. These can be used to track down Harmonic Camps, where you’ll get a nice new Multi-Tool.

How to find Dissonance Resonators

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Dissonance Resonators litter corrupted planets, but you won’t stumble upon them. You’ve got to seek them out. Use your scanner to check out the points of interest around you. One should stick out as a new icon and be marked as a Dissonance Resonator by name. These are usually a few hundred U away from your current position, so hop in a ship or Exocraft and head over to them.

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Corrupted Sentinels guard dissonance Resonators. These points of interest are a great way to pick a fight with these new machine variants, but the real value is in destroying the devices themselves. Dissonance Resonators contain Inverted Mirrors, which are used to help access a crashed Interceptor Starship. If you do come across one, take it out so you don’t have to put in as much legwork later on.

How to find Harmonic Camps

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Harmonic Camps are abandoned camps filled with creepy Sentinel gear. You can find them by using an Echo Locator to pin down their exact location. This could be on the same Corrupted Planet as you or on a new one in a different Dissonant system. These camps can point you in the direction of a crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship and help you get a Sentinel Multi-Tool.

How to get the Aeron Turbojet Exosuit Appearance Override

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One of the best parts of the Interceptor Update is definitely the Aeron Turbojet Exosuit Appearance Override. It looks like an awesome winged jetpack. To get it, you must visit a Harmonic Camp and unlock the terminal by solving the equations in the system’s memory and entering the corresponding glyphs. Your first Harmonic Camp will award this item, and you can equip it to your Traveler at the Appearance Modifier. You’ll likely do this when you’re searching for your first Sentinel Interceptor ship, so don’t worry too much about seeking it out on its own.

What do you do with the new resources from the Interceptor Update?

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You can harvest two new resources on corrupted planets. These are Atlantideum and Radiant Shards. You can mine Atlantideum from the smaller purple crystals on these worlds, but you’ll need an Advanced Mining Laser Upgrade to get Radiant Shards. We’ve listed the uses for these resources below.

  • Atlantideum: This valuable resource appears to be worth selling more than anything else. As with everything in No Man’s Sky though, it’s likely useful for crafting or refining in some way.
  • Radiant Shards: You use Radiant Shards to override the security systems in crashed Interceptor starships so you can begin the process of making them your own.
  • Crystallized Heart: Once again, this appears to be a valuable item you can sell for hundreds of thousands of Units. However, it may also be useful in crafting certain gear.
  • Inverted Mirror: This item is part of the key to salvaging a crashed Interceptor starship.
  • Echo Locator: This item is used to find Harmonic Camps on Corrupted Planets.

This hub will continue to update as guides become available.