No Man’s Sky: How to get Sentinel Multi-Tools

Steal the technology that’s supressed you for so long.


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The Interceptor Update added a plethora of creepy content to No Man’s Sky for us to explore, most of which is restricted to the game’s Corrupted Planets. One of the more subtle ways you can upgrade your Traveler is with a new weapon. This guide explains how to get Sentinel Multi-Tools in No Man’s Sky so you don’t miss out on having some of the best-looking guns in the game.

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How to find and acquire Sentinel Multi-Tools

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Sentinel Multi-Tools can only be found at Harmonic Camps, which are only located on Corrupted Planets. So your first port of call is to find a Corrupted Planet by searching for a Dissonant system and then looking for the planet with the Corrupted Sentinels descriptor.

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Once there, you need to get an Echo Locator. There are a few ways of doing this, but the easiest by far is seeking out Dissonant Resonators and destroying them. These machines can be easily found with your Scanner as you roam the planet. They don’t take much to destroy, and the Echo Locator will be added directly to your inventory.

How to use the Echo Locator

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The Echo Locator can be glitched, but there are ways to work around this. You should be able to find it in your inventory and resonate with it on the same planet you found it. If you get a warning about Locational Interference, you need to find a new Dissonant system and warp there before you can use the Echo Locator. Once you resonate with the item, it’ll give you the location of a Harmonic Signal. We warped to a Dissonant system and used the Echo Locator straight away to both get the exact location and find the local Corrupted Planet without needing to scan every local celestial body.

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Follow the Harmonic Echo Coordinates, and you should find a Harmonic Base. These are long abandoned bases filled with strange technology. They always appear on Corrupted Planets, so you’ll know you’re heading to the correct location regardless of where this signal pops up.

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The Harmonic Camp has a station with your new Sentinel Multi-Tool inside, but you can’t get it just yet. It’s locked away for now. Scan the Harmonic Camp and pick up all the weird resources lying around. Then, it’s time to interact with the yellow screen covered in blood.

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This interface has a few options for you to click through. As you move through the menus, select the option to scan memory registers. As seen in the image above, this will bring up a series of text strings with maths equations at the end. You need to work out the answers to these equations and remember them in order. Using this example, which is what we got, the answers to remember are 10, 9, and 5.

Next, select the option to access main interface, then input override glyphs. This will take you to a screen where you must enter three glyphs corresponding to the numbers from your equations. We inputted the glyphs in order from top to bottom in the input screen. This will grant you access to the Harmonic Camp’s two secrets, plus a bonus item.

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The first thing you’ll get after correctly inputting the glyphs is the Aeron Turbojet visual enhancement. This can be added to your Traveler at your Appearance Modifier. By interacting with the yellow screen once again, you can deactivate the Multi-Tool seal and grab the Sentinel Multi-Tool from the nearby tool bench. There are a few different ones in the game, so seek out more Harmonic Camps if you want a different Multi-Tool to the one you find.

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You will also be able to locate Dissonance Spikes, which will point you in the direction of a crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship. You can repair that ship and add it to your fleet if you want to.