November 2020 Community Day date and Pokémon in Pokémon Go

November 2020’s Community Day information.

Image via Niantic

Community Days are a fun event that happens for a few hours on a set day in Pokémon Go. They feature a specific Pokémon, increasing the number you encounter in the wild, along with their chance of becoming a shiny variant. The main appeal is to attempt to acquire enough of them to reach the Pokémon’s final form, and when it reaches the final evolution, it attains a new move it otherwise could not learn. What is the November 2020 Pokémon, and the date of the event?

What is the November 2020 Community Day Pokémon?

This time around it looks like we have the treat of having two Pokémon. Electrabuzz and Magmar. Both of these Pokémon will be available to capture in November, but on separate dates. If you fully evolve them before the end of the day they will learn an exclusive move. Electivire will be able to learn flamethrower, and Magmortar can learn thunderbolt.

What is the November 2020 Community Day date?

There will be two November 2020 Community Day events. The first is happening on November 15 for Electrabuzz, and the second will be on November 21 for Magmar. You can expect to participate in it from 11 AM to 5 PM in your local timezone. During those different dates, you can expect to see those Pokémon popping up all over your area in explosive numbers. Both of these Pokémon have stronger evolutions, but they don’t have a Mega-Evolved form.