Oceans of Offspring quest guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

That’s a lot of kids.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image via Ubisoft

The Oceans of Offspring is a hidden quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising. You will only find this quest if you discover a very particular cave, show on the map below. Inside the cave you will find statues of the people who used to live there.

Cave live didn’t offer much in the way of entertainment it seems, as the two managed to have 6000 children. The first step in the quest is to follow Tethys and Oceano’s children into the depts.

The general area you need to head to is south of the cave, and will be marked by a question mark on the map. It’s out in the sea, so getting there might be a little tricky, depending on how stamina you have. We would suggest doube jumping and gliding as far as you can, then climbing on the nearest statue that is jutting out of the water and getting your stamina back.

If you have stamina potions to burn, you can just keep chugging them down as you swim out to sea. When you reach the area with the two bronzed pillars and the burnign brazier, you will need to dive below the waves. Climb a pillar to get your stamina back if you need to, then dive all the way to the bottom.

Down there, very close to the two pillars, you will find a button you need to hit. Doing so will move you on to the next part of the quest. Now it is time to head north, back to the beach, in search of Hera. You will find her in a giant clam on the beach, hidden with lots of different fruits that you can collect.