Oku’s Triada Relic Treasure Hunt guide in Far Cry 6 – switch puzzle solution

Ghost stories.

Oku’s Triada Relic Treasure Hunt is something of a ghost story that players can experience in Far Cry 6. The treasure hunt takes place in a spooky old castle, and players will need to figure out how to get through the building to get the treasure at the end.

First, players will need to read the treasure hunt blurb at the front of the castle. The castle itself can be found east of the Sabidruia Valley in the Cruz Del Salvador area of the game.

After that, go inside and make your way to the right. Here you will find a room of mirrors. Walk around the room and all the mirrors will smash except for one. Smash this mirror yourself to expose a button behind it. Hitting the button will cause a secret bookcase door to move in the room you came from.

Head back into this room and you will find a pretty simple puzzle involving three switches. Hit the switches in the following order while facing the TVs in the back of the room to open the next secret door.

  • Middle switch
  • Right switch
  • Left switch

You will now need to go upstairs and into the next secret room that opened behind the bookcase there. Interact with the piano to play a song, then the cupboard in the back of the room will slide to the side, giving you access to yet another room. Grab the Dungeon Key inside, then head downstairs and open the locked door in the main room and head downstairs.

Down in the dungeon, players will find a red switch at the very end of the room with the strange mannequins that will cause an explosive to go off. This will break a cage blocking a well, and players can head through the door behind them, then grapple up to the roof and take a zipline down to the well.

Drop down inside and you will find yourself in a pool of water. Swim to the platform with the flowers on it and you can grapple up to two other platforms, grabbing some gear from a chest on the right, and a statue that will finish the treasure hunt on the left.