Omega Strikers tier list – The best characters in Omega Strikers

Which characters come out on top in Omega Strikers?

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Choosing from Omega Strikers’ wide array of unique characters can be a difficult task. With the game’s player base rapidly expanding, many players are starting to get familiarized with each character’s pros and cons. Though each striker can be a viable option in their own right, some are unavoidably more playable than others, especially in specific positions. After going through numerous wins, losses, and spammed emotes, here’s our tier list for the best characters in Omega Strikers.

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Omega Strikers Best Character Tier List

S Tier – Asher, Juliette, Estelle

  • Asher – Asher’s skills are perfect for knocking opponents out of a match and putting pressure on the opposing goalie. Her secondary skill, Breakthrough, in tandem with her primary skill, Arc Beam, makes a deadly combination that can K.O. any opponent in a flash. Add her special skill, Pathsplitter, and the enemies will be begging for mercy in no time. Her abilities also translate well when put in front of goal, making her arguably the best all-around character in the game.
  • Juliette – the first character we are introduced to, also happens to be one of the best forwards in the game. Her Fiery Fist and Flying Phoenix combo make it easy to close gaps and knock opponents out. Add in Flame Flurry paired with cooldown reduction training like Perfect Form, and it’ll be an endless slaughter. As a goalie, however, her abilities lack area control and zoning making her incredibly vulnerable to high pressure.
  • Estelle – The relatively low cooldown of Rose Warp lets her blink to a more ideal position, and the projectile launched afterward is a nice cherry on top. However, it’s her long-range Piercing Shot and its 8-second cooldown that makes her one of the strongest forwards in the game. She is also a decent choice as a goalie, although it does take a decent amount of skill as you’ll mostly be relying on Piercing Shot to keep the disc far from your goal.

A Tier – Era, Kai, Drek’Ar

  • Era – Flutter Fly is a great support skill that helps the entire team, but it’s her low-cooldown, damage-dealing spells, Magic Maelstrom and Bewitching Beam, that make her a nightmare for opposing squads. She is a viable albeit weaker option in goal as her lack of zoning and area control skills make her susceptible to coordinated attacks.
  • Drek’Ar – Lock and Load paired with Xeno Cloak is excellent for quickly knocking an opponent out at the beginning of a round as a forward. Even in goal, the surprise factor and haste that Xeno Cloak provides and the debuff effects of the long-range Molten Bolt are both valuable assets.
  • Kai – his low cooldown Blazing Pace allows Kai to get to ideal positions faster. Barrage and Giga Blast are also useful, long-range abilities that can both create and disrupt attacks. His combination of skills makes Kai viable as both a goalie and a forward.

B Tier – X, Dubu, Luna, Juno

  • – X is very one-dimensional as his skills don’t exactly translate well in front of goal. However, he does make up for it as a forward because X Maximus! is an incredibly powerful skill that allows him to K.O. opponents quickly. Pair that with Bull Rush and the low cooldown Bell Ringer and X will inevitably give it to you.
  • Dubu – Arguably the best goalie in the game, his abilities are perfectly tailored towards preventing the opposing team from scoring. Dubu is still somewhat viable as a forward, but it takes an incredible amount of practice and skill as you’ll mostly be using Somerassault, Bamboozle, and Tofu Fortress to zone enemies while your partner scores goals.
  • Luna – suitable more as a goalie than as a forward, Luna’s W.H.A.M.M.Y. is ideal for long-range snipes, while B.O.O.S.T. – when paired with the Eject Button training – and C.R.A.T.E.R. allow her to control any area of the arena.
  • Juno – Juno’s projectile-based and movement talents allow her to be usable as both a goalie and a forward. However, the high cooldown of Make It Rain makes it difficult to sustain pressure in attacks or to keep out shots in defense.

C Tier – Atlas

  • Atlas – Atlas’s low speed and lack of movement skill make him ill-prepared for close-range goal trades. Although useful at first, the brief duration of Cosmic Expanse and the short AOE of Astral Projection makes it difficult to keep out high-pressure assaults. Celestial Intervention, though largely helpful in keeping allies from being K.O.’d, is forgettable due to its high cooldown timer. Atlas’s abilities also aren’t suitable as a forward due to a lack of area control and long-range strikes, making him one of the least ideal characters in the game.