One Giant Step for Alchemy – Elemental Crucible Event – Genshin Impact

Everything you need to know.

Genshin Impact

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The Elemental Crucible event has begun in Genshin Impact, and for most players, it will start with the One Giant Step for Alchemy quest. In this article, we will run through everything you need to know about this new coop event.

The event will run from October 12 to October 19, giving you a full week to farm any rewards that you want from it. You will need to meet the following prerequisites to take part:

  • Be at least Adventur Rank 20 or higher
  • have completed all quests in A Tomorrow Without Tears
  • finish the One Giant Step for Alchemy quest

One Giant Step for Alchemy is very simple. You just go and talk to Timaeus, the Alchemist in Mondstadt.

How to play the event

After you have finished the One Giant Step for Alchemy quest, make your way to the Thousand Winds Temple to the east of Mondstadt. Interact with the new Elemental Crucible you will find there to start matchmaking for a coop event.

The event itself is like a horde mode and is not very complicated. You need to kill enemies who will drop elemental clots; you then pick these up and bring them to the elemental crucible. You need to fill the crucible before the 15-minute timer runs out.

You can carry up to three clots at once, as long as they are of the same elemental type, and picking up a new elemental will cause you to drop whatever you are carrying.


Rewards will scale to your own World Level, and you will need 40 Original Resin to pull them from the crucible when you successfully complete the event.

  • Companionship XP
  • Adventurer XP
  • Character XP Materials

You will also have an Alchemy Handbook that you can view in the Events tab. This will have different challenges for you to complete to earn an assortment of rewards. You do not need to spend Original Resin to progress these challenges.