How to Fix the Crashing Error during “Brave New World” in The Outer Worlds



So you’ve completed nearly everything the galaxy has to offer, invested hours into your campaign in The Outer Worlds, and are making your way through the “Brave New World” mission. Then suddenly, you find out you can’t progress anymore.

The game starts to crash at a consistent point and stops your progress every time you open a door using a terminal. You can see Chairman Rockwell and a couple of robots, but when you try to get close to them, the game turns itself off.

Everything is fine until you enter the room, and it appears like there is no fix. So, what exactly can you do?

Well. Not a lot, and depending on your playstyle, you might be forced to make a grave choice.

The only way to progress is not to enter the room at all and open the door ever so slightly, peering in. Then, you need to open fire on Chairman Rockwell and his robots, killing them all from outside before you enter the room. Once they are dead, you should be able to progress.

Sadly there is no other way around this error, so hopefully, Obsidian fixes this quite soon.