Overwatch 2 Doomfist guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

Don’t pick the wrong side.

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With Overwatch 2 moving to a 5v5 format and dropping a Tank from each team, the hero you choose in that role will be very important for your team’s success. To make the Tank selection a little more varied, Doomfist was reworked to fit the class description and is now the newest Tank. Here is a breakdown guide on things you should keep in mind when playing Doomfist in Overwatch 2.

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All Doomfist abilities

  • Passives
    • Like all other Tanks, Doomfist can not be knocked back easily, and his Ultimate generates slower for enemies shooting him.
    • Doomfist also gains temporary health for landing hits with his abilities.
  • Rocket Punch (Alternate fire)
    • Charge up a punch that propels you forward which stuns and knocks back enemies. If you punch an enemy into a wall, it does more damage.
  • Seismic Slam (Ability 1)
    • Launches you through the air, similar to Winston’s Leap, but not as far. When you land, you put out a shockwave that lightly damages and slows enemies.
  • Power Block (Ability 2)
    • Crosses Doomfist’s arms and endures damage coming in from the front. Hits will still take a little away from your health, but if you take enough damage to fill the meter, your gauntlet will glow blue and the next Rocket Punch will travel further, charge faster, and do more damage.
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  • Meteor Strike (Ultimate)
    • Doomfist jumps into the air, and you have a certain time to choose where you want to land. Any enemies caught in the circle when he lands will be slowed, and enemies near the center will take heavy damage.

Doomfist’s primary fire is a spread shot coming out of his left hand’s knuckle-mounted Hand Cannon. It automatically reloads over time but does very little damage.

How to play as Doomfist

With Doomfist moving to the Tank class, he does not deal nearly as much damage as when he was a DPS character. Punching 200 health enemies into walls at full health will no longer one-shot kill them like in the first Overwatch. To make up for the damage drop, his abilities recharge much faster, and he has more health. This makes him a good choice if your team wants to dive.

When playing Doomfist, you want to jump into fights and disrupt the enemy team. In particular, Supports or slower-moving enemies should be your first targets. Lead with a Seismic Slam to slow them down and follow up with a Rocket Punch, then some Hand Cannon shots. If you start taking fire, bring up the Power Block to charge your next Rocket Punch that can finish off any low-health enemies. If you begin to get to low health, either Rocket Punch or Seismic Slam yourself away to safety.

If you go to use your Ultimate, while you may think you want to get as many enemies as possible in the circle, they will begin spreading out, making your damage output take a significant hit when you crash. While you slow everyone, that outer rim of damage is very low and insignificant when you put yourself in the middle of the fire. Instead, find a singular target you want to land on, someone with no movement abilities to escape and low health. Zenyatta, Ana, a hurt Cassidy, or Bastion are good choices that you can quickly hit with follow-up attacks if you don’t hit them squarely with the Meteor Strike.

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Good teammates to play with Doomfist

As mentioned above, Doomfist is a good choice for dive comps. Tracer and Genji are great companions to jump into a fight with him since he will mostly take the heat off of them. Reaper is a little slower but can be a great choice as well. Lucio can get him out of danger quickly, Zenyatta can keep a Healing Orb on him, and Moira generally can support him on the side while in a scrap.

All counters and who to counter with Doomfist

Strong counters against Doomfist can slow him or stop him in his tracks. Orisa, Roadhog, Mei, Sombra, or Ana, if she hits her Sleep Dart, will put him in danger. Also, Doomfist needs to be in the enemy’s face to do anything, so long-range heroes like Widowmaker, Hanzo, Sojourn, and Tornjorn’s turret can take away a lot of his health before he gets into a fight. Pharah and Echo can easily fly away from his attacks and hit him from afar as well. If the enemy is very mobile, it can also be difficult for Doomfist to get good hits. Tracer, Genji, Reaper, Sojourn again, and Lucio can easily dodge his attacks.

On the other side, Doomfist excels against slower enemies who cannot escape his attacks. Without Shield Bash stunning enemies, Briggite is now a punching bag for Doomfist unless she times her usage to knock him down while he charges in. Zenyatta, Ana, Cassidy, Soldier: 76, and Ashe tend to be easy targets for him to hit.