Overwolf: What Is It? Explained

Overwolf is an excellent app for creators. Here’s a brief look at the many exciting features Overwolf has to offer.

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Over the years, there have been many applications for players looking to get involved in the creator community. Modding and sharing have always been a staple in the PC community, so it’s no surprise that newer tools, like Overwolf, are constantly being released to help ease the process. With many of the newer games being built for growing communities, players are always looking for ways to share their experiences with others. Overwolf is the latest addition to the ever-growing portfolio of social gaming tools.

What is Overwolf?

Image via Overwolf

Overwolf offers players and creators the tools to create mods and in-game apps from scratch or templates through its program. It boasts over 35 million players and around 165,000 creators. As recently as 2020, it was able to acquire the popular modding platform CursedForge, as well as its payment platform.

How to Monetize Mod Using Overwolf’s CursedForge

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As mentioned, Overwolf acquired CursedForge a few years ago, which expanded its services to include modding. In addition to that, it allows creators a way to monetize their mods through its platform. It’s as simple as downloading the CursedForge app, selecting the game from a list of applications from your hard drive, and selecting from the many mods available for that game.

What Can I Do With the In-game Apps in Overwolf?

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Whatever you want to. The in-game app in Overwolf is yours to manage however you please. From creating overlays and real-time APIs to simple photo capture, Overwolf offers many tools for its users. Another neat feature is the ability to make each custom app PC native, which allows each app to launch independently.

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We hope that this overview of Overwolf and its features inspires you to check out the unique features it has to offer. It has come a long way from its humble beginning as a small upstart with a few thousand users. With its many partnerships with big gaming companies like Twitch and Logitech, it is here to stay.