P5R Best Weapons: Persona 5 Royal Weapons, Ranked

“Whoooaaa! Looking cool, Joker!”

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If you’re ready to unleash some persona-smashing extreme power in Persona 5 Royal, you will need the best weapons on your side. From blades that cut through shadows with surgical precision to guns that pack a supernatural punch, P5R offers an arsenal for all kinds of players. It’s time to grab your mask, dons stylish threads, and get ready to slay with swagger as we reveal the ultimate best weapons from Persona 5 Royal Weapons, Ranked.

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Best weapons in Persona 5 Royal, Ranked

9. Sword of Sinai II

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Kasumi’s Sword of Sinai II is empowered by her mighty Persona, Sandalphon. This sword boasts an impressive attack power of 365 and an accuracy rate of 95. But what sets it apart is its extraordinary ability to leave her enemies in a spin, with a high chance of inflicting dizziness. 

8. Fleurs du Mal R

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Fleurs du Mal R is Haru’s most elegant yet deadliest weapon. Unlocked by Beelzebub, it boasts an attack power of 345 and an accuracy rate of 86. But its magical prowess makes it stand out, enhancing Haru’s abilities with a +6 Magic boost and leaving her enemies confused.

7. Hinokagutsuchi II

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Akechi’s weapon of choice, the Hinokagutsuchi II, is like a blazing inferno in his hands. With the Futsunushi Persona by his side, Akechi’s attacks pack a scorching 360 punch with a 90% accuracy rate. But it’s not just the raw power that makes this weapon a standout. It also has a high chance of inflicting burn on his foes, leaving them sizzling in defeat

6. Imprisoned Mjolnir

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Ryuji Sakamoto’s Imprisoned Mjolnir, forged by his ultimate persona Thor of the Chariot Arcana at level 64, is a lightning bolt of power. With an attack of 324 and an accuracy of 88, this weapon packs a mighty punch. But what truly electrifies the battlefield is its ability to boost electric attacks. 

5. Usumidori R

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For all you art enthusiasts, Yusuke Kitagawa’s weapon of choice, Usumidori R, is a true masterpiece. Gifted by his ultimate persona Yoshitsune of the Tower Arcana, this is a true force on the battlefield. Unlocked at level 87, this masterpiece boasts an attack of 340 and an accuracy of 88. However, here’s what makes it even better: it instills fear in enemies.

4. Gordios

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This lethal weapon is exclusively wielded by none other than Makoto’s ultimate persona, Cybele, the Priestess of power, unlocked at level 83. With an attack of 330 and an accuracy of 95, Gordios means serious business. But what makes it truly stand out is its significant boost to Makoto’s critical hit rate.

3. Dainaraka Whip

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Anne’s frosty weapon is exclusively wielded by Black Frost, the Fool of mischief, unlocked at level 67. With an attack of 320 and an accuracy of 90, this whip is not to be trifled with. Add its high chance of inflicting freeze on top, and you’ll be freezing enemies in their tracks and leaving them shivering in fear.

2. Claiomh Saolais R

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Morgana’s bad boy is wielded by Mother Harlot, the Empress of destruction, unlocked at level 85. With an attack of 330 and an accuracy of 90, Claiomh Saolais R means business. This beauty comes with a sweet bonus: a +50 SP boost. 

1. Paradise Lost R

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Obtaining this weapon for Joker requires unlocking Satanael and conquering New Game+. The base model packs a punch with an attack of 325 and an accuracy of 92. Still, when a Fusion Alert strikes, it levels up to Paradise Lost R, boasting an attack of 340 and an accuracy of 98. And if that’s not enough, both versions come with a bonus: a highly reduced Curse damage.